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Live Blogs A Journey for Those Who Seek The Thrill of Death
Nap11002015-03-12 19:20:54

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Hello there! My name is Nap1100, and I have very little experience with text-based Let's Plays. I figured I'd give it a go with a liveblog over here and see if I can entertain all you beautiful people.

The subject of this liveblog is a little game called Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. It is one of the most famous mainline Mega Ten games, as far as fame in the mainline series goes. Those of you coming off of SMTIV might notice a lot of things different from this game, mainly how everything feels rather empty in comparison, it's not quite as character driven, and the random skill inheritance. Despite that it is personally one of my favorite games of all time and easily the best RPG I've ever played, so I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get into the Shin Megami Tensei games.

I decided I wanted to have a little fun the next time I played through it. Though in actuality this is just me playing the game on Hard Mode for the first time because I hate myself, I'm going to write in the perspective of the main character himself. I really liked the way My Life Is A Goddamn Mess told its story, so I wanted to try a similar thing, though instead of acting like it's a blog on a website (because that would be really hard to justify with the world and all of technology practically gone, let's face it) it's going to be written as if I had found an Apocalyptic Log from the Demi-Fiend, or in this case, Naoki Kashima. If anyone ends up interested in reading this blog I may end up leaving the ultimate fate of the ending in the hands of the readers (though it's going to be either between the True Demon Ending or Freedom ending; let's be honest, the other endings suck). So now that you've read all that, let's get started with this thing!



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