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Live Blog Let's play Pokemon BlazeBlack (and fail horribly)
lazybanshee2014-12-29 05:25:33

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If you've any interested in the Pokemon ROM hack community, you might have heard of this.

Pokemon BlazeBlack/VoltWhite is a Gen 5 hack by Drayano60 that, unlike most hacks, leaves the game mainly unchanged in favor of massively ramping up the difficulty, with key encounters having generally higher levels (up to 100) and utilizing competitive movesets, as well as giving the player a wide range of quality of life improvements, with many essential items being acquired earlier than originally intended (like key TMs from the seven sages being naturally acquired over the course of the game rather than in post game) and many of the Com Mons being buffed to compensate for being neglected, giving them unique type combinations, movesets and overall playstyles.

I will be playing it mostly blind (consulting the Pokedex but not item locations or encounter tables) and listening to feedback.

Gym leaders, Elite Four and other key trainers will most likely be Youtubed.

In the case that I'm successful and there's any interest, I'll be tackling BlazeBlack 2 challenge mode for maximum masochism.

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