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Live Blog Let's Play Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Many Years Too Late
MousaThe142015-01-02 21:07:30

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For those of you just tuning in, I have been going through the kingdom Hearts series to find out what the big deal is.

I just finished KH 1 and was barely impressed.

Now to see if what everyone cares about is in KH:Co M.

I see we're doing a visual summary of KH 1. Just to make sure we remember what happened and be ready for this game about memories or something.

It's night. Donald and goofy are sleeping. I guess they got tired of chasing Plut-Whoa okay, who are you tall dark and spooky.

Uh, Sora just lost Kair, that's dear to him, isn't it?

An artist? What's going on here....

Wait, how did Sora get here? what is this palace?

I swear, this entire series is made entirely out of pretentious metaphors. Wait, how Donald and Goofy get here? What's going on? What is this place? how can we be in a mysterious screwed up place if the universe was fixed?

Was the universe actually not fixed?


WHOA! Sora... What happened to his voice? Wait, how did Jiminy Cricket get here!? I guess Sora's voice actor's balls dropped. Or they got someone that didn't sound as annoying. But now he sounds older than he looks.

What the...

Why can't Donal use his spells?

What... What's going on.... And who are you, cloaky?

Wait... So this castle takes memories?

Okay, Castle Oblivion. What is it, where is it? What is it all about?

What is it with cloaky and red rose petals

... "Sampled memories"? The hell? You made a card from his memories?

What is this, a game?

Man, none of this makes any sense. I think people like these games because they pretend to understand it and it makes them feel smart.

So I guess I'm going into the Traverse town memory card?

"The laws of this castle require your friends to be transformed into cards".

You are aware that sounds like complete hokum, right?

I hate these dumb card rules already.

Oh hey, Donald and Goofy are back... In their old uniforms from the first game?

Ah, so they noticed. It's odd, isn't it?

I can't believe we've turned an action JRPG into Yu-Gi-Oh!. Was this part of some plan to freshen up the game and add a new spice? Because it's dumb.

So additionally I need cards to save my place by creating a save space room.

This is going to be very annoying very fast....


Dec 23rd 2014 at 4:42:27 PM
What do you mean "How did Jimminy Cricket get here?" He's always with you, writing down everything in his journal.
Dec 23rd 2014 at 10:56:03 PM
The only similarity between Chain of Memories and Yu-Gi-Oh is use of cards. Chain of Memories' battle system is faster paced, significantly streamlined.

Kingdom Hearts games' plots tend to start making more sense after you've passed the main plot twist, and you start seeing previous events in a new light. As such, it's not so hard to say that people actually DO understand what's going on, and aren't merely pretending to be smart.

Regarding the cards for save rooms, I didn't find it all that difficult to keep a Moment's Reprieve card in store, along with a stock full of various cards of different numbers, colors and card types.

All in all, this game got me started on the Kingdom Hearts series, and I enjoyed it a great deal.
Jan 6th 2015 at 5:37:51 PM
Yeah I would recommend you also watch the Secret Ending of Kingdom Hearts 1 on Youtube btw.

And everything starts making more sense as you keep progressing although new questions get brought up all the time.