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Live Blog Shit, let's be Pokemon Trainers
ChaosMaster4002014-12-08 21:54:21

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> Liveblogger: Do the intro thing

This liveblog contains images. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to properly put images into here so that it looks nice with the text, so until that happens, just click the links to view those glorious, glorious, pixels.

Ah yes, Pokemon Fire Red, a game most Pokemon fans know well. I decided to take a trip down memory lane, and -

Shit. This isn't Pokemon Fire Red. Have I turned my ROMs into Homestuck trash by accident?

Nope. Well, not by accident, anyways. I used the Pokestuck Fire Red ROM Hack.

But who cares about all that technical stuff? Let's turn the Homestuck up to 11 and get rolling with our Pokemon journey.

Instead of being greeted by good ol' Professor Oak, we get Professor... Bro? Here's the entire intro. Regardless of him not being an official professor, we still get the option to be a boy or a girl. However, as we can see from the picture, we're supposed to be Jade Harley. Well, I say screw the police! I can choose to be a boy if I want to! I select boy, and... oh. I quickly restarted the game, and chose to be a girl. That's better.

She gets named Jade, and then our rival is introduced. That's right, it's Dave. We choose a name for him, in this case, Dave, and then Jade Harley is put into the world of Pokemon, starting out in her room.

I'll have to save the actual walking around for next time, because I'm lazy and don't want to write out more than this for today.

Hopefully, by the time I update again, I'll have figured out how to do the image thing, and this installment will be fixed as well, but until then, you'll have to click.


Dec 30th 2014 at 2:49:54 PM
Keep it coming im curious for some more!