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Live Blog AnimeBadger vs. My Life Me
AnimeBadger2016-08-30 19:20:44

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Round 1: Star-Struck

Hello everyone. I'm Anime Badger, as you might know me in the forums. Today I will be liveblogging about a cartoon that's gained infamy in /co/, and not without good reasons, too. It is basically what happens when you let a deviantart weeaboo dick around with Adobe Flash. That cartoon, my friends, is called My Life Me. I stumbled across this just recently when looking around the wiki. And since I have an abnormal attraction to trainwrecks, I decided to make a liveblog for this monstrosity. Well, here I go. Note: it overuses anime graphics like there's no tomorrow, so I suggest you not make a drinking game out of it unless if you want to get really wasted.

It starts out with some guy with blond hair (named Liam) getting out of a crowd. He explains to his friends, two girls and one other guy, that some girl is putting on a musical. Then two of them, a ginger girl (whose name is Sandra) and a black-haired guy (whose name is Raffi), start to boast about who's going to be taking the lead part. Then we see the main character, Birch, who looks as though Hello Kitty threw up on some crappy deviantart OC, ponder briefly, then the scene changes to her house, where Liam peeks in on her after hearing her sing. He catches her singing, and she tells him that she always wanted to sing on stage. He suggests that she should try out for a part in the play, but she's too scared to do it, but she says she will do it only if he does it with her.

Then it cuts to our heroes at the library, where the Sandra is laughing her ass off (though it sounds forced) about Birch trying out for a part. And my god, is her laughing grating. Birch and her friend get up and leave. Then we see the audition scene. Sandra and Raffi come onto the stage, and Sandra is just about to sing her lines, but she forgets them.

You dense motherfucker.

They leave, and the next contestant is this blonde girl (whom is apparently the Alpha Bitch) named Amelia, who is dressed as your average everyday Alpha Bitch, ugg boots and all, complete with trio of squeeing fans, whom I assume are her flunkies. She tells them to be quiet, and she starts singing. Next we are treated to several gratuitous ass shots and one chest shot.... Now lemmie get this straight, they are somewhere around middle school age, and it attempted a fanservice moment on one of them....


Anyway, the two judges (and Amelia's flunkies) loved her singing and clapped for her, and the Ambiguously Brown judge, who sounds like Wakko for some reason, tells Birch and Liam to go on next. Liam drags Birch (in chibi form) out and then they start to sing. The judges love it, and so did Amelia's group, except Amelia, who gets pissed off that Birch got a part in the play.

They find out who gets what part, and Birch didn't get the main part, but the part she got is for the understudy for the lead, which is what Amelia got. Sandra and Raffi tell Birch that they will help her out with the musical. Liam walks away, and he comes across a room, where Amelia and one of her flunkies are practicing for the play. She sends him out to get her tea, and Liam, who briefly gets fox ears and a tail (what the hell were these people on, dare I ask?), and goes up to the kid. Then it shows Raffi and Sandra training Birch with her singing, exercising with her, and doing yoga with her.

Then we cut to Liam and the flunky planning... something. The kid suggests they lock Amelia in the bathroom. They do so later on. The show is about to start. Amelia fakes that a rat is going to bite her, then the dumbass duo go into the girl's bathroom, and Amelia locks them in. Wow.

Again, you dense motherfucker.

Birch starts to perform, and the audience absolutely loves it. Amelia suddenly arrives too late, and the Ambiguously Brown teacher, the same guy from before, now talks with an american accent for some reason, and tells her that she can't get past. THEN we see that Liam and that other kid got out, SOMEHOW. Birch finishes, and the crowd goes wild. Then they gather at the center of the school courtyard, and then they go and get ice cream. Amelia chases after the flunky that betrayed her, followed by an iris out.

Oh god, if this entire show is as bad as this episode... I'm in for a hell of a time. Well, until next time, this is I-Teleported-Bread, signing off.


Nov 13th 2015 at 10:33:02 AM
A Flash-based anime-inspired comedy about middle school drama antics? Sounds like f- shit. Utter shit, just from the premise.