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Live Blog Valiona's Liveblog of Girls und Panzer
Valiona2016-09-02 20:48:59

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Hello, and welcome to my liveblog for Girls und Panzer, the show in which tank combat is a sport done by high school girls.

It's been about two years since I was first introduced to the anime, after seeing a video about Katyusha. I found it quite enjoyable, with good action and an interesting cast of characters, even if I'm not into tanks or military history as many of the show's fans are.

Girls und Panzer is a multimedia franchise, and consists of the following entries, listed in the approximate priority I gave each. Next to each, you can see how far I got in each.

  1. The main anime series. Complete
  2. The manga adaptation. Complete
  3. The Little Army prequel manga. Complete
  4. The OVAs. Complete
  5. The Little Army sequel manga. Cancelled
  6. The Maginot manga. Complete.
  7. The chapters of Ribbon Warrior that have been released thus far. Cancelled
  8. Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu. Cancelled
  9. Der Film. Complete

The next entry is the first episode of the anime.

UPDATE 1(November 26, 2014): I've had a change of plans, and will be liveblogging the manga adaptation around the same time as the anime, partly because it mainly covers the changes, and it's easier to liveblog the manga with the anime somewhat fresh in my mind. Expect them to be done at approximately the same pace, and I'll altenate between each version.

UPDATE 2(December 24, 2014): To celebrate Christmas, I decided to release Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu Chapter 9's entry early, and temporarily put it after Chapter 16's entry.

UPDATE 3(January 6, 2015): I have completed the main series anime and manga, and have added the Maginot manga to the list. I'll do it after Little Army and the OVA series.

UPDATE 4(January 22, 2015): I have completed the Little Army manga. Updates may be somewhat slower from here on out.

UPDATE 5(March 18, 2015): I have completed all the OVAs.

UPDATE 6(March 27, 2015): I have completed all of the Maginot chapters so far. I'll add the rest as they come in.

UPDATE 7 (April 2, 2015): I have also completed the Ribbon Warrior chapters so far.

UPDATE 8 (May 3, 2015): I have completed all the chapters that have been translated into English. I will update as new chapters are released and translated.

UPDATE 9 (October 30, 2015): I have completed the Maginot manga.

FINAL UPDATE (September 2, 2016): Having completed der Film, I have decided to officially stop updating this liveblog, as per the plan I made when I started doing der Film. Thank you for reading, and any comments are appreciated, since I'll still check for them from time to time (remember- DO NOT include apostrophes, or your comment will not show up).

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