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Live Blog Monty Oum's Poultry Hypefest: An Opinionated Guide to RWBY
Dalsene2014-10-11 09:18:43

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Yeah yeah, stupidly long title, give me a break.

RWBY is, as Wikipedia calls it: "an anime-styled CG-animated web-series", created from the mind of internet animation wunderkind Monty Oum, famous for making overlong brawls between Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive characters, and for implying that Master Chief is Samus Aran's lesbian sex partner. Assisting him in writing, gruntwork and more is famed indie production studio Rooster Teeth, famous for singlehandedly kickstarting the Machinima genre through their runaway successful Internet Work Com Red vs. Blue, but now almost as much for broadcasting their between-work-hours stupors in doodle form and trying too hard to jump onto the Let's Play bandwagon.

The series was announced in a 3-minute-long trailer after the credits to Season 10 of RvB in November 2012, which at that time was the series' third or so attempt to have a conclusive wrap-up to the entire series. It advertised the studio giving Monty complete control over whatever he wanted, and what he wanted was to make his own anime series, with an aestethic parallel to both fairytale remasterings and Magical Girl series, with animation quality reminiscent of 3D Western cartoons made late in the last decade. The fan reaction was off the charts. This was Monty's third year working exclusively with Rooster Teeth, and though he had given us almost two seasons done entirely in CG, the fans likely desired something beyond repainted Halo suits beating each other up.

What followed were three more trailers focused on three other assumed protagonists, not dissimilar to how Valve marketed Team Fortress 2. The second trailer went up 3 months after the reveal on February 2013, while the other two went up during conventions in March and June, respectively. The series itself finally released its debut episode in July, first to a convention, then on Rooster Teeth's website two weeks later.

The hype was immesurable. People flocked to Rooster Teeth's forums in droves to hugbox themselves to incredible expectations, making crazy theories over and over again every time there was the slightest hint of any possibility with the series, similar to how people get hyped up over the Super Smash Bros. series, continuing even to this day, so much that /co/ regularly has an entire thread dedicated to new episodes. It's actually people like that who gave me the idea to start this liveblog, in fact.

On that note, I should probably stop building up the hype to this series and state what I'm doing this liveblog for:

I couldn't catch on to the hype. I never bothered paying any attention to Rooster Teeth when Red Vs Blue wasn't in circulation, so when I heard that Season 11 was made, it was at the same time that it had just finished, along with the first season (or "volume") of RWBY. I splurged through both in one go, and while I enjoyed both, where RvB gave me the feeling of RT goin back to their glory days at the same time as making a new dramatic arc, hopefully sans-Freelancer; RWBY just felt...meh. Like it was just a disposable clutter of anime filler With Season 12 of RvB finished and Season 2 of RWBY about to do the same, I felt now was a better time than ever to actually put my feelings into words and see how everyone took them. Which leads into this liveblog.

Just a few ground rules as to what will go on in this liveblog:

  • This will be a highly in-depth analysis of every part of this web series. If you've seen anything by That Guy With The Glasses, you know what I mean.

  • There will be nitpicking. And it will be ridiculous. Flame at will.

  • I will not be naming names as for who to blame for specific scenes or etc. I could choose anyone out of Monty Oum, Burnie Burns, Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross, Lindsay Tuggey and more, but I would only be guessing. Therefore, I'll be using general terms, like "the writer/s", or "the animator/s".

  • I will take the occasional snipe at fandom Epileptic Trees, but don't take ny dismissal of them as reason to think of me as a troll, or the theories as worthless.

  • I don't have a schedule for new parts, so sadly this has all the possibility of dying as quickly as it comes here.

With that, my next part will be analysis of the four trailers all at once. I hope you will be there to read it. Thank you for giving this liveblog the benefit of your glance-over.


Nov 1st 2014 at 2:19:38 AM
I am very interested in such a liveblog on the series. If you ever manage to go forward with this, i'm all for it.
Nov 4th 2014 at 8:10:19 PM
Yes a series with a fandom as big as this is bound to have people flame over nitpicking. Hope you continue.