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Live Blog Pokemon: The Diary of Rex
DrakeKelson2014-07-02 12:42:14

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Hello, and welcome to a Pokemon Origins-styled story of Platinum and Soulsilver, culminating in a run of Omega Ruby when the game is released. The story will follow the basic plot of a character named Rex, who is exploring the sudden disappearance of his older brother Drake (A hero who defeated Team Rocket after he moved to Sinnoh with his mother) and attempts to uphold the legacy that he had left behind. Alongside Solidus, his Piplup, which he named in his father's honor, and Fang, his Totodile that constantly bites him on the head. Together he plans to become a Pokemon Legend, a title reserved for true champions like his older brother. I decided to make this after seeing the OVA Pokemon Origins. It really stirred up my creativity juices and spurred me to make a fanfic out of my three favorite Pokemon games. I hope to add in some more mature themes to make a somewhat more realistic atmosphere for the game in general, and overall create a bit more character development in general. Hope you enjoy!

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