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Live Blog Let's Attempt to Watch: The Boskovski Chronicles
SnickerdoodleHamster2014-05-15 21:03:35

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Part One: Funny Days

Hello guys, it's Snickerdoodle Hamster here, yet again to review a thing! And today, I've certainly got a strange thing for you. In fact, it's Something Completely Different from what I usually do in this pattern. You see, for a while, every two liveblogs I'd do an episode of Pooh's Adventures. However, since the Pooh's Adventures fad has been dying down recently, I decided to dive real deep into the caves to find something awful to review. And what a treasure I've found here!

Today, I will be liveblogging every single YouTube video that some kid with a Vague Age known as Alex Boskovski. He basically spends all his time making videos with Adventure Time plushies. So, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Yeah, I have nothing else to say, except to turn up the volume. His videos sound like they were both filmed and recorded on a potato. That's not a good thing.

Glob help us as I watch Funny Days.

Like a lot of bad stories, the video starts with the standard "what are we going to do today" opening. We're off to a great freaking start, aren't we! So anyway, they decide to do "funny stuff" (yes, it's really that vague), and we get introduced to Mr. Exposition, aka the creator, who covers up the camera to give an Info Dump. We will be seeing with do this a lot, so get used to it. By the way, what happened to Show, Don't Tell? It's not that hard to show the characters actually DOING SOMETHING rather than you just covering the camera and telling us what they're doing! Dear glob, I'm less than fifteen seconds into this ten-minute video, and I am already losing my sanity!

The creator says it's "Day One", but he can't decide if Finn and Jake are singing or dancing. He feels the need to state that BMO is the radio as well. We actually see Finn, who claims he's lost his phone. But wait, aren't there no phones in Ooo, being the this is (apparently) supposed to be Adventure Time, which takes place a thousand years after the apocalypse? Soon afterward, Finn steps on a Whoopee Cushion.

Jake: That's it, I'm getting out of here!

Jake keeps sitting on the Whoopee Cushions, and he asks Finn what they can do about it. Apparently, they can't just MOVE THE CUSHIONS OUT OF THE WAY, and instead this video goes into an Idiot Plot.

After some very awkward pauses, Mr. Exposition comes back into to tell us about "Day Two", when Finn manages to upload a video to YouTube. What the heck happened to consistency??? I Need a Freaking Drink right now. So, Finn and Jake fall off and hurt their backs. COMEDY GOLD, EVERYONE!

"Day Three" features Jake burning his butt while sitting on a candle. Finally, Jake decides that he wants to go on an adventure! Yes! We're finally getting an adventure in this video! You know, because this is based on a cartoon called Adventure Time? So, Jake hurts his head and goes to see a "brain doctor". Finn doesn't think that any of this is funny. Neither do I, Finn. Neither do I. After a long pause, Jake decides to jump and fart on Finn. Finn decides to call these "brain doctors" (whatever they are. There is no explanation given as to what they do, which is strange, given all the Infodumps in this video alone).

Mr. Exposition tells us about "Day Four". However, he can't decide if Jake is stupid or not. It seems to be a recurring theme for the creator to have a tough time deciding things. This is why you should plan videos before you release them! Jake is seen eating "hot chips". Eating them leads him into a Mushroom Samba. After two minutes (implied to be five hours) of Jake doing useless stuff, the "brain doctor" finally comes in, who is represented by... a book? What. The. Heck. So, after Finn and the "brain doctor" catch Jake, and they fix his brain. The video ends with a quick Please Subscribe to Our Channel message. Be thankful that I spared you ten minutes of this junk by condensing it into a less than five-minute read!

There's a video of the "Jake burning his butt with a candle" scene alone, but I'm skipping it because I already covered it in this installment. This was a rather terrible start. This video relies to much on an Idiot Plot, and it seems to have no substance whatsoever. Be prepared though, I have forty-eight (and counting, being that the creator is still active) more of these videos to liveblog, so this is only the beginning of this waste of our time...

On the Next Let's Attempt to Watch, Alex Boskovski covers YouTube copyright in a very... interesting fashion.

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