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Live Blog A Terrible Liveblog about Egg Runs of Generations IV-VI and Such
AZealousIndividual2014-05-05 15:43:02

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SoulSilver Part 01 - Introduction and Summary

Hello, anyone who may be reading this!

I have gathered six eggs for one game in each group of Pokémon games generations IV-VI. In other words: Platinum, SoulSilver, White, White 2, and Y. I plan on doing Egg Runs for each of these games!

As I already started playing SoulSilver and Y before I had the idea for this liveblog, I will probably start those two with a summary of the events so far. As well, I will probably write about those two first. The order will likely be as follows, unless something happens to change my mind:

1.) SoulSilver

2.) Y

3.) White 2

4.) Platinum

5.) White

Er... this order probably doesn't make sense. But it does from my standpoint since it requires the fewest amount of transfers or something like that! I thought this out at some point!

Anyway, I haven't been the best at keeping this sort of thing updated consistently in the past. Because of this, I've made it my goal to post something here every other day, with today being day one. I am fairly positive that I will still slip up sometime, though. It's bound to happen. Personally, I'm betting that my second update will be late.

With that said, my rough introduction is complete. The rest of this first entry will cover the events of my SoulSilver Egg Run so far. Being entirely honest, most of it happened quite a while ago, and I don't remember everything that happened exactly. Gah, I'm wasting more time introducing the introduction to SoulSilver. I should stop doing that.

Let's begin!

Naturally, the game started the same as always. I began in New Bark Town and got a starter Pokémon from Professor Elm. I used RANDOM.ORG to decide which starter I would pick. This decided my rival's starter more than anything, since my starter was quickly traded away. I don't remember which starter I picked because I replaced it with my Egg Run team so early on.

I did all the early game things, named my rival using a random name generator online since I was lazy (as a result, I can never remember what his name is), and caught five wild Pokémon to trade for eggs along with my starter.

After running around in Cherrygrove City for a very long time, they all hatched. I don't remember the exact order they hatched, but the six Pokémon are as follows:

  • Eight, the male Aipom. Nature: Mild. Ability: Run Away.
  • Scatter, the male Wurmple. Nature: Gentle. Ability: Shield Dust.
  • Arrow, the male Starly. Nature: Hardy. Ability: Keen Eye.
  • Solid, the female Bonsly. Nature: Lax. Ability: Rock Head.
  • Judge, the male Absol. Nature: Bashful. Ability: Pressure.
  • Mach, the male Yanma. Nature: Modest. Ability: Speed Boost.

None of them had any egg moves, sadly.

My whole team was wiped out by Youngster Joey, so I decided to grind for a bit so they wouldn't all be level 1. This was a terrible idea decision, since I despise grinding, but I got them all to level 3 soon enough. From there, getting to Violet City was no problem. Though, a few of them did faint along the way.

In Violet City, I entered the Sprout Tower. If I recall correctly, I used Solid almost the entire time, despite Rock's weakness to Grass, in an attempt to get her a Rock-type move before the gym. I don't think I succeeded. Regardless, Solid was one of the most useful Pokémon during the gym battle, beaten only by Arrow.

I used primarily Scatter on the next route and in Union Cave. I had not used him much at all up until that point, mainly due to the fact that Violet Gym is Flying-type. In Union Cave, Scatter evolved. Twice. Since, y'know, that doesn't take a whole lot of leveling. Scatter is now a Dustox.

After arriving in Azalea Town, I completed the Team Rocket thing at the Slowpoke Well very easily. The gym didn't present any sort of problem either. Mach was the most important team member for that battle, which surprised me, since Arrow had evolved into Staravia during the battles at the Slowpoke Well. I thought that with his type advantage, he'd be more useful. But he was actually knocked out fairly quickly.

When leaving Azalea, my rival (whose name and starter I still cannot remember) challenged me, of course. The battle went surprisingly well. Mach was the star once again, since I forgot to heal after the gym battle. I won on my first try regardless, and my rival (whose name and starter I still cannot remember) left. I got quite a few Apricorn balls from Kurt, too, which, now that I think about it, was utterly pointless, as this as an Egg Run and I'm not going to be catching anything anyway. But eh. It was still an event that I remember happening.

I went through Ilex Forest, teaching Cut to Eight and Headbut to Mach, Judge, and Solid. Oh, yeah. Apparently I taught Rock Smash to Eight and Flash to Judge at some point, too. I battled all the trainers on Route 34 (including the Policeman, since I was playing at night) and ended up in Goldenrod City.

And that's where I left off. I apologize if you would've rather had more detail about all of this stuff. Like I said, this liveblog wasn't originally why I was doing this Egg Run.

But now it is! Or maybe it's the other way around...

Anyway! First entry complete and such!

...I don't really know how to end this...



...Er... Right...

Have a good day and such, people!

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