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EnterInsanity2014-04-05 11:12:43

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Quick intro,chapter 1 & 2

The fan fic which shall not be named.Too late,My Immortal!Remember that Fanfiction?Well guess what?I found another version of it online,a lovely person re-uploaded it for shits and giggles,but I am going to move on to the first chapter..*Sigh*

The authors note is just...No words...None.Apart from the horrible pun,using 'fangs' instead of 'thanks' because she is ridiculously stupid and as she says 'goffik'.Wasn't aware that 'goffik' was a word,so thanks!

So, Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way (interesting name...Stupid,but interesting nonetheless.)is describing herself and suddenly,drum roll please, Draco apears out of no where!Then he's shy..I hope this story isn't supposed to be cannon because trust me,THAT cannot be the same Draco Malfoy I'm thinking of.Ooooh,guess what? The second he replies her friends called her. Did not see that coming (Le'lie).

Moving on it's now chapter two(chapter one was less than half a page,lazy)and I can feel my eyeballs bleed but I started already so time to continue.

Chapter two starts with Ebony drinking blood as vampires would,oh,and Willow(aka.Raven,if she was my friend,I'd kill her for mentioning me in the story...)inquiring her about Draco Malfoy's and her's relationship 'cause she saw them speak three sentences to eachother.

Speak of the devil!Draco starts flirting with Ebony(I have lost all faith in you,Draco...)because you know,you ALWAYS flirt with someone when you've hardly spoke to them,but yeah.Also,flirtily is used.Hmm,that's odd,I could've sworn the correct term was flirtatiously.Must be mistaken(Nope,I'm right :P)

Ooh,Draco.WHYY!!!????He asks her on a 'date' I guess,by inviting her to a Good Charlotte concert.Way to ruin a good band by putting them into a bad fic,amazing!(Emphasis on 'bad')

Okay,sorry but if I read anymore my brain might explode so g'bye,see you next time!


Apr 8th 2014 at 3:59:34 AM
Oh my gawd. This is gonna be hell. This fic... THIS FIC.
Apr 9th 2014 at 6:27:06 AM
Haha, you don't have to read the whole thing, I do.
Apr 10th 2014 at 9:09:19 PM
Heh, but what you don't know is I've ALREADY read the whole thing a while back.