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Live Blog The Silmarillion: Elves Behaving Badly
TolkienOtaku2014-02-20 22:57:06

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In which I start the madness.

Hello, Tropers. This is Tolkien Otaku with, shock of shocks, a live blog about something Tolkien wrote. Specifically, the first of many posthumously published collections of Middle Earth backstory, The Silmarillion. The Elves Behaving Badly part of the live blog title is from a pin on my geeky Pinterest board. I believe it sums up the work quite well.

I will be mentioning many bits of Tolkien fanon and personal headcanon as we go along. I will also be occasionally referencing a particular fanfic. It's called The Silmarillion Rewrite and I highly recommend it for all Tolkien fans who want a good laugh.

Don't be afraid to give constructive criticism if I happen to be doing this whole live blog thing wrong. And feel free to comment with your own witty thoughts on The Silmarillion or Tolkien's work in general.


Feb 21st 2014 at 8:54:04 PM
Ooh, this'll be interesting!
Mar 12th 2014 at 1:41:21 AM
Well, won't this be an interesting experiment.