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Live Blog Let's Play Megaman Star Force 2
ComicX62014-01-27 15:48:19

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Released on November 22, 2007 in Japan as Ryuusei no Rockman 2 and on June 24, 2008 in North America, Megaman Star Force 2 for the Nintendo DS is the middle game of the Star Force trilogy. It retained the tri-version nature of Star Force 1, however instead of releasing three different retail cartridges this time Capcom took a more reasonable route of splitting them up in to two compilations: Zerker x Saurian and Zerker x Ninja (adapted from Berserker x Dinosaur and Berserker x Shinobi). So each version is basically two games in one like the Double Team release of Battle Network 5.

Star Force 2 is something of the trilogy's weak link. For starters it's the only one to not revolve around space, instead doing a one-eighty to focus on cryptozoology and cryptology. Secondly its story is not really all that great. Star Force 1 was pretty focused and had a natural sense of progression from both a thematic and plotting standpoint, but Star Force 2 is much more muddled and meandering. The story's not bad per se, but it is poorly executed. It's not as bad as Battle Network 4 (nothing in this series reaches those depths), but it's not the best either.

On the technical front there are changes and tweaks made to the system that help improve the interface and gameplay but there aren't any big, huge changes from the first game so there's no case of a Battle Network 1 → Battle Network 2 jump. There's more customization though, which is great, and the game's certainly tougher, going for the throat a lot more quickly than past network Megaman games, and the multiplayer is apparently rather robust. Lots of Game Breakers too, though if you're just playing through the game normally you'd never know. All stuff to be covered as they crop up. So in all this game happens to be something of a mixed bag. It's perfectly playable and enjoyable but compared to its predecessors (and especially its successor) it falls short on some counts.

I own the Zerker x Saurian version and did a coin flip to determine with sub-version I'll be going with. As per the result I'll be playing the Zerker side. Just as well, 'cause I like its exclusives more.

The cast:

Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis

Our fifth-grade protagonist Geo has overcome his shut-in, antisocial ways that were brought on by the disappearance of his astronaut father, Kelvin. After meeting the feisty, fight-happy AM-ian alien Omega-Xis he gained the ability to Wave Change with him to take on the form of the wave being Megaman. This game sees his reputation as a hero start to grow, to Geo's chagrin and Omega's glee.

Sonia Strumm and Lyra

A popular idol singer who happened to be the first person that Geo bonded with when he was still in his shut-in phase during the first game. Like him she has an EM wave-based alien living with her: the fickle FM-ian Lyra, with whom she can Wave Change with to form the wave being Harp Note.

Luna Platz

One of Geo's classmates from Echo Elementary, the class president even, Luna's known as “the Prez” among her friends. Having been saved by Megaman numerous times in the previous game she's ended up developing a crush on the hero, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Geo.

Bud Bison and Zack Temple

Two more of Geo's friends as well as members of Luna's group. Bud may look intimidating but that's just how he looks as he's really a good-natured and even a little dorky guy. The vertically-challenged Zack has taken to compiling information on anything he can – his own “Zackpedia.”


The last living descendant of the Murian people, who eons ago thrived on the continent of Mu and mastered wave technology. Solo is rather cold and arrogant, preferring to be by himself and denying the idea of having bonds and relationships with others. He has the ability to Wave Change without fusing with an EM being partner. His wave form, Rogue, specializes in high-speed combat.

Dr. Vega

A scientist who is set on using the power of ancient artifacts to resurrect the lost continent of Mu, and has the distinction of being only one of three female Big Bads in the entire Megaman franchise. As she spends most of the game hidden behind a curtain, I won't be showing any art of her yet.


Vega's most trusted follower. This imposing figure is nothing if not loyal to his mistress, often serving as her mouthpiece.


Another follower of Vega. Hyde's a Smug Snake's Smug Snake and is prone to badly losing his composure when things don't go according to his plans, or “script.” He can Wave Change with the EM being Phantom to form Dark Phantom.



Jan 27th 2014 at 6:20:06 PM
It took me a while before I figured out why the story didn't seem to fit before I consciously realized that it completely lacked any of the last game's "Star" themes.

So, why is Geo fighting against these new enemies who'd never even considered alien life?

Well, from an in-universe perspective, it's because he's a hero, and these guys are being evil in front of him. It's not always fun to watch them just bounce off of each other though.