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Mort082013-10-06 23:27:47

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The Disney Princess Blogs Intro

Ah, there they are.

Try as I do to suppress it, I have a bile fascination with the Disney Princess line. Perhaps itís the dolls with their plastic castles and frilly accessories that my easily-amused mind found so interesting. Perhaps itís because I was almost completely deprived of their influence as a child. Maybe itís the endless buckets of hatred that people have for these ladies. Their mere existence causes the clock of feminism to tick backwards!

Or does it?

ÖI dunno. But I do know that Iím a quasi-masochist who hates girly shit, loves movies and has yet to see most of the great Disney ones, so letís find out together!

I, Mort08, will be using this blog to chronicle my adventures as I trek through every Disney Princess movie with naught but my keyboard, snark and shout-outs to see me through. Iíll start each movie with a post summarizing my familiarity (or lack thereof) with it and its princess(es). Each post will cover approximately 15 minutes of the movie, and Iím expecting to make six or seven of them for each one. Then Iíll wrap it up with an afterword telling you all what I think of the movie and character now.

Weíre going from Snow White all the way to Elsa and Anna and making plenty of pit stops in between, so strap in and get ready for a whimsical ride! With a few detours into the pits of Hell, of course. Disney loves those way more than they profess to.