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Live Blog Crisis: Equestria (v:2.0)
Seraphem2013-08-11 07:16:01

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So, a new Liveblog/review/analysis/whatever you wanna call it. Anyway, after my Fallout Equestria one was such a hit, and also such fun to do, I really wanted to keep going, and of the options I put out for a next entry, Crisis Equestria was the one that seemed to get the most interest, so here we are.

As to what CEQ is, well, the Liveblog will explain most of it, but short version, the Mane 6 get sucked through a rip in the fabric of reality and transported to another dimension. The story s about them trying to find a way to get home, while getting mixed up in the ancient struggle between Order and Chaos taking place there.

This is going to be weirder, and a bit harder for me to really analyze and explain, since unlike FOE, this isn't completed yet. But, it's still worth going through and re-reading at this point, since as the title says this is CEQ version:2.0. The author has gone back, edited/rewrote/cleaned up/improved the story. Well at least the idea was improving the story. And so this also gives me an excuse to reread it and see just how those changes work.

I am rather excited, since the list of changes planned did address most of my issues with the first draft of the story. While the story as a whole is amazing, and has some of the best worldbuilding and original characters there are in Ponydom, it did have two rather huge flaws. First, was keeping the Mane 6 in character, especially RD. While overall they did feel IC, the story had a tendency to crank up just how combative and argumentative they are with each other, passing around Conflict Ball's like candy. The edits are supposed to tone that down, and better explain why they were acting like they were.

The second major MAJOR issue I had with the story that was pretty prominently listed as a massive fix incoming on the edit list...


While this fic has some of the greatest, most amazing, and just plain awesome OC's there are, it also contains one who is, without a doubt the single worst, most annoying, irritating, grating, and just plain useless waste of digital print ever. He is by far the single worst OC I have ever seen. (Who is bad because of his character, not because of bad writing). I will get into detailing just why I hate him so much when he shows up, to give some context to contrast the edited and improved version, and it has to be improved over what we got. But for a good summery of how I feel, just watch any SF Debris rant about Neelix.

And again don't get me wrong those were flaws, but on the whole the story is still amazing, and looking forward to seeing how well the edits fix the few things that made the story drag. I should have the first chapter review up soon, hope you all enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think.


Aug 11th 2013 at 8:15:26 AM
Yay! Glad to see that you're starting. It's a really fun fic to read and to see reactions to. As you said, AWESOME O Cs and worldbuilding. So, no, you are NOT wasting your time.

On a less related note, I see that you joined my group. Thanks! I'll try protect you from spoilers. That said, at the moment, my bible thread should be pretty spoilerless. It's only when we get to characters tht spoilers may start seeping in as far as I can tell.
Aug 13th 2013 at 1:06:41 AM
Huzzah! I can't wait to see your reactions to some of the new stuff. I assume you're going to be bringing up what was originally in the chapters too as far what changes you've noticed?
Aug 13th 2013 at 7:01:32 AM
More or less, comparing to if I think it works better, was needed etc...
Oct 21st 2014 at 4:49:15 AM
amazing may be the same case with existing

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