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Live Blog Lessons from the Old West? A Let's Play of Red Dead Redemption.
theweirdKiddokun2013-08-03 23:05:45

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Lesson#0-How to start a written Let's Play without becoming too boring!

For those of you are wondering why do a Let's Play at all.....well I have no good answer for you. I mean I wanted to do a let's play for a while, but I had no idea on which one to do, but I decide to pick this one for the quite a few reason. I mean I've played the game before, but I never finish it (your Xbox 360 dying may do that), but after watching my brother playing it. It got me thinking I remember having a good time playing this, so why not play it again except this time with audience (which probably going to be zero). As for when I'm going to start this I'm probably going to start this tomorrow, so see ya then!

Sorry if this seem short. D:

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