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Live Blogs Let's Watch: Select Episodes of Cinematech (The Original Series)
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Cinematech Episode 284: “Best of '05”

A “greatest hits” collection of some of their favorite games from 2005, and games from 2004 that were still popular well into '05, such as:

Cinematech Episode 285: “The Best and the Rest”

A collection of some of the show's best montages and clips from '05, such as:

  • The Pong interstitial between clips
  • The jazzy Disaster Report montage
  • The freakout over Saladron from Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
  • The Tomb Raider barber shop quartet (“She may have seen better days/When she was in her prime/She may have seen better days/Once upon a time/Oh by the wayside she fell/She may yet mend her ways/Some poor old mother is waiting for her/Who has seen better days”
  • Patriotic games, games with fireworks, or stages with American landmarks or costumes, such as Super Mario Bros., Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, Freedom Fighters, Street Fighter, NBA Jam''' (which featured Bill Clinton as a secret character), that ends with the message, “Peace Is Patriotic”
  • Games from the creator of Electroplankton, an early innovative NDS game
  • A montage of silliness made with the Game Boy Camera, featuring the faces of several G4 producers
  • A SEGA Dreamcast montage, featuring Space Channel 5, Shenmue, Dead or Alive 2, Video Game/Skies of Arcadia, and videoGame/Sonic Adventure
  • The 8-bit sports pennant, featuring Soccer, Ice Hockey, Bases Loaded, and Tecmo Bowl
  • A montage featuring Cave Story
  • A montage featuring '''Christmas NiGHTS
  • Games featuring cowboys

The Games of 2005 by month:

  • January: RE4
  • February: Tekken 5 (nice)
  • March: GoW
  • April: Psychonauts
  • May: WarioWare: Twisted!
  • June: Meteos
  • July: Killer 7 (what an appropriate month for this game to come out in)
  • August: Advanced Wars: Dual Strike
  • September: Burnout Revenge
  • October: CivilizationIV
  • November: Mario Kart DS
  • December: Dead or Alive 4

Cinematech Episode 287: “So, You Guys Are On Some Sort of Star Trek?”

An ep that focuses on games based on Star Trek, some of which feature some of the various shows' talent, such as Patrick Stewart (who has done video game voice acting elsewhere, and rather well, I may add). Others disagree a little.

The only ST game I have experience with is this overhead RPG on the SEGA Genesis. I watched my dad play it. The only thing I really remember about the game is the sheer number of different crew members with varying attributes that you could bring along on away missions, and the sprawling areas. I never played it myself.

5:45: An NES game based on Star Trek: The Next Generation by Absolute Entertainment. This game has some different styles of gameplay, such as overhead and first-person shooting segments where you control the Enterprise in space combat with enemy ships. The game features several of the characters from the show, with digitized portraits whose only animation is to blink, which is a little weird-looking.

7:49: A trailer for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that features narration from Tamriel Emperor Uriel Septim VIII, the character voiced by Patrick Stewart.

Septim: For 65 years, I have ruled this empire. Generals and kings have knelt at my command. But a darkness comes. The blood tide rises. These are the closing days of the Third Era – and the final hours... of my life.

In the shadow of evil, from the ashes of an empire, a hero will rise
''The gates have been opened[.] The battle has begun[.] The fate of the world rests in the hands of one[.]”

Septim: Find him, and close shut the jaws... of Oblivion.

11:00: “Good morning. Welcome to the laboratory.” The voice of Leonard Nimoy welcomes you into the world of Seaman, one of the strangest games to ever grace (blight?) the SEGA Dreamcast. This was the game that let you raise a man-faced fish... man from the tadpole phase, to a fish phase, to an amphibian phase. You had to monitor their food and heat level, and talk to him through the use of the Dreamcast's microphone. Not strange enough for you? Well, how about the fact that the voice of Seaman is the same as one Francis York Morgan from Deadly Premonition, the quirky open world horror game that was heavily inspired by Twin Peaks? The voice that he used for Seaman sounds a little deeper than that of York's, which is presumably closer to his natural speaking voice, but you can definitely tell that it is the same actor. The character of Seaman is very snarky and sassy.

19:24: Star Trek: Shattered Universe, a PS2 game based off of the original ST series. The storyline featured Hikaru Sulu in command of his own ship as his crew wound up in a parallel universe where Chekov was evil. The game actually featured George Takei in a reprisal of their original roles.

The story of this game is a little sad, perhaps, because it was apparently so bad, that it was not even released. But I remember game magazines and Xplay giving it bad ratings. Perhaps the publisher, TDK Mediactive, pulled the game in an attempt to save face? TDK also published the poorly received Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis. It is safe to say that TDK's attempt to break into gaming was abortive.


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Dec 16th 2014 at 4:19:40 PM
It wasn't just "a parallel universe where Chekov was evil". It was the evil parallel-universe Federation that was previously shown in the actual original series.