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Live Blog Seize this day this moment - Let's Snark up Persona 4: The Animation
phoenixdaughterAM2013-05-26 14:54:40

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Hiya, Phoenixdaughter AM here. My summer has started and I just noticed something when browsing the Playstation Network. All episodes of Persona 4 The Animation were up for sale. Being the Persona fan I am, I'm up for some side liveblogging. Besides, best way to get my opinions of a show that's been out for a while out!

Background, Persona 4 is a popular RPG for Atlus, even more so than it's main series and much, much, more so than even Persona 3. This game managed to win over even more hearts, especially with the general gaming public that might have thought, “Shooting yourself in the head? Too weird. Pass.” The anime was announced around the time that a fighting game and an Updated Re-release for the Vita were also announced. Some backlash on popularity was had but the games proven themselves to be worthy alongside the original game. But what of this animation? Is it a worthy adaptation of the original game?

So in this liveblog, I'm going to watch the show and give some summerizations and side snark, as it goes along. Quite a bit of this will be me snarking at the show, but remember, I tease because I love~ (Even though Persona 3 is better)

And for those of you worried about the Persona 3 Portable liveblog, don't worry. I'll be right back at it after this sidequest is done.

So let's sit back, relax and enjoy the ga- show.


May 26th 2013 at 3:30:50 PM
I'll be looking forward to this one.