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Live Blog Ultimate Hoenn Challenge - 17 Monotypes
GoldenSandslash2013-05-11 14:49:15

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Rules of the Challenge

  • I may only catch Pokémon of one type.
  • I must beat the game seventeen times, each time with a different type.
  • Postgame is optional.
  • I may catch a Pokémon, so long as its highest evolution is of the type I want. So, for instance, Magikarp can be used on the Flying-type challenge.
    • Exception: Because Wurmple's evolution is random and I can't control it, if Wurmple evolves the wrong way, I'll release it and get another one until it evolves correctly. This is the only time that I can catch something not type related.
  • I must catch the Pokémon of the type that I first have the opportunity to do so. For instance, the first Flying-type that I can catch is Wingull. I must catch it. I can't just wait for a better Flying-type.
    • After I have caught one, though, then I can ignore others if I want to.
  • I may not evolve my Pokémon if the evolution would cause them to lose the type that I need. For instance, Gloom into Bellossom on a Poison-type challenge is not allowed.
    • Exception: Because the only way to get Azurill is via breeding, I am allowed to catch Marill on a Normal-type challenge for breeding purposes only.
  • Trading with other games, or interacting with other games at all, is prohibited. This includes trade evolutions.
  • I may only use my starter Pokémon (Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip) until I get a Pokémon of the type that I want.
    • Exception: The first Ghost-type that I can get is Shedinja. Though I will be getting one, I am still allowed to use my starter until the second ghost, simply because Shedinja would just die right away to anything. The only possible way for me to get through this is to train it up to Level 100 while EV training in Speed and Attack so that I always get the first hit and always get a OHKO. This would just be boring.
    • UPDATED! During the challenge, I realized a problem with this, so I have changed the rule to be that I may only use my starter Pokémon until a Pokémon of the type that I want learns a non-Struggle damaging attack.
  • The starter that I get is determined randomly by my ID Number, unless one of them happens to be the type that I am going to be using for that run.
    • If my ID number ends in 1, 2, or 3, then I will choose Treecko. If my ID number ends in 4, 5, or 6, then I will choose Torchic. If my ID number ends in 7, 8, or 9, then I will choose Mudkip. If my ID number ends in 0, then I look at the digit to the left of that, and repeat the process. If my ID number is 00000, then I reset the game until I get an ID number that is not 00000.
    • In my Rock-type challenge, if I want to get a Lileep or Anorith, then that is determined randomly as well. I get Lileep if the first digit is odd, or Anorith if the first digit is even.
      • Unless that digit was used to determine the starter, in which case, I must reset the game until I get an ID number that does not. The two should be independent of each other.
  • I may only capture one copy of every species. If I get bad IVs, a bad nature, or a bad ability, too bad. I'm stuck with it.
    • Exception: Branch evolutions, such as Oddish, are allowed to get multiples, but I may only evolve each one a separate way. I cannot get two Vileplume or two Bellossom, for instance. I must get one of each.
      • Exception: Because I don't have control over Wurmple's evolution, I may get as many Wurmple as I want, but I must release all of them except for the two that have evolved differently.
  • I may catch any Pokémon I want, but it must be released immediately if it violates any conditions. However, if it is holding a hold item, I may take the hold item prior to releasing it.
  • HM Slaves are allowed even if they violate the type restriction, ONLY IF THEY ARE MANDATORY. For HM moves such as Cut, Fly, or Flash, which I can beat the game without using, I must go without the HM if I don't have a Pokémon that can use it.
    • Additionally, if I have a Pokémon of the appropriate type that can use Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, Waterfall, or Dive, then I MUST use that Pokémon and not get an HM Slave. HM Slaves are only if none of my Pokémon can learn the move(s) in question.
      • HM Slaves must not battle. If an HM slave is forced to battle by means such as Roar, Whirlwind, or having no non-egg non-fainted Pokémon left, then I must spam status moves or something in order to intentionally try to get the HM Slave to faint.
      • If the HM Slave wins a battle by accident (such as just lasting one turn when the foe had 1 HP and was poisoned, or whatever), then this is fine, so long as I was not intentionally trying to win the battle with it.
      • HM Slaves are ignored entirely for all purposes other than HM moves, so I cannot even take advantage of Pickup on a Zigzagoon (though, like all Pokémon, if the Zigzagoon is holding something upon capture, the item may be taken).
      • HM Slaves must be released if a suitable Pokémon of the type that I am currently playing with has been found.
  • The game that I am playing on has a dry save battery. As such, clock-based events are disabled.
  • The order that I will be using is the one in the game's instruction booklet: Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel.
    • Obviously, the ???-type is excluded.
  • This is NOT a Nuzlocke. If a Pokémon faints, I may revive it.
  • I will be using the North American version of the game.
  • I will be using the game cartridge, not an emulator. So I won't have access to a speedup key or a rewind key or anything like that.
  • Cheat codes and external cheating devices such as GameShark or Action Replay, may not be used.
    • Glitches, however, may be used freely. Though there aren't any glitches in Ruby that can realistically be used and taken advantage of, since this is before the Pomeg Berry glitch.
  • EXCEPTION TO ALL RULES: If I happen to encounter a shiny Pokémon, then the challenge IMMEDIATELY ends and I may do whatever it takes to capture it, even if I have to use an HM Slave in battle or whatever. The challenge will most likely resume after the battle, but if I feel the need to disable the challenge until I'm fully healed for whatever reason, I may do so. The challenge will basically resume whenever I see fit.

Why am I doing this?

Good question. Well, I wanted to try Liveblogging for a while, and so I picked it up one day and watched through the show Dan Vs, expecting it to be Gushing About Shows You Like. Unfortunately, due to my tendency to Accentuate the Negative, it turned into me complaining about the show, and the show lost all enjoyability. So I stopped Liveblogging it at that point. I haven't even looked at the comments since my last update. And I don't think I ever will. It's that much of an Old Shame to me.

With a video game, though, it's different. Anything bad that happens here that should be criticized is MY FAULT. So I can't critique it for anything.

As for the challenge, I saw someone doing this on HeartGold, and I figured, eh, why not give it a go on Ruby? Climb the mountain because it's there!

And the way this Liveblog will work, most likely, is two gym badges per update, plus one for the Elite Four+Champion. Plus this intro. Which should bring the total number of pages to 5x17+1=86. (That's why it's not one badge per update, because then it would be at 154 and that's just ridiculous.)

I may not actually finish this, because it is a ton of stuff to do, but I'll just try it out and hope to have fun with it. ^_^

Well, see ya soon when I get to the second badge! My goal is to get that out within two hours of this post.


May 8th 2013 at 3:59:31 PM
Hmm, this should be interesting to watch. Have fun with your Zigzagoon, Taillow, Slackoth, and Whismur.