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Live Blog A Newcomer's thoughts on Crisis Equestria
Lunacorva2013-05-02 09:06:31

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Chapter 29 Part One

And thus my Liveblog begins!!

  • Ha! "My Little Pony: Hangovers Are A Bitch"(New series, coming soon to The Hub!)

  • Those Gargantuan class ships are definitely intimidating, I wonder if the Mean Six called the NPAF and told them that they'd be taking down Hope's Point's shield, or if Silvertongue sent them on his own initiative.

    • I'm going with the second option, I doubt the Mean Six would be able to get in contact with the NPAF all the way out there, and it's not to much of a stretch to say that Silvertongue would expect them to go after the Elements of Harmony once their nature as clones was destroyed. The idea of a copy wanting to validate itself by destroying the original would make perfect sense to a perfectionist like Silvertongue. Also, if he has an accurate idea of the Mane Six's progress, it's plausible that he'd have realised they've reached Hope's Point by now, and I'm sure he's confident enough in the Mean Six's ability to disable the shield. Even if they do fail though, He can always have his ships fall back, no harm done.

  • Yeah, this city's fucked now. Rules of Drama say so.

  • Pffftttt... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Loved the Gadget / Briarthorn banter. Can't wait to see the Queen.

  • *Ten Minutes Later*

    [The Queen turned her head ever so slightly and interrupted, “Early. Door opened, ten hoof-patterns. First, you, Gadget. Following: three with even steps, even weight, one with slightly wider gait. Unicorns. Followed by light steps, low sound. Three pegasi. Three thumps, three earth ponies, one wearing some sort of metal on their hooves. Of the pegasi, one slightly heavier. A pilot. Only one pilot with that particular entourage: ‘Captain’ Briarthorn. Ah, excellent, he’s walking slowly. Good. No resistance. Will keep this quick. Too occupied with potential occupation,” she hissed through her teeth.]]

  • Oh...

  • My...

  • GOD!!!!

  • Queen Blackburn is Sherlock!! ''This book is FRIKKEN AWESOME!!!!!

  • Ah Ha!! So the intruder's have been noticed. Score one for the Genre Savvy Queen!

  • Okay, as much as I like Briarthorn, it was so funny to see him get throttled by the Queen.

  • I love the banter between Blackburn and Briarthorn. They're Like an Old Married Couple (New OTP coming up!)

    • On second thoughts, she might be a bit too hostile towards him...

  • The Sherlock Scans are fun to read.

  • Ha! Even the Queen thinks Tick Tock needs to get layed!

    Blackburn pulled away and left Tick Tock in a stupor, patting her gently on the shoulder s she walked away, then kept moving down the line to Pinkie Pie, who didn’t wait for the signal to rise. Blackburn didn’t waste time either. “Pinkie Pie,” she said, turning towards the monitors again.

    “Yep! Hiya, Queenie-” Pinkie started happily.

    “Keep quiet,” Blackburn interrupted. As an afterthought, she added, “Please.”

  • Oh I like her! (Note: This is not a knock against Pinkie Pie, I just love how straight to the point Blackburn is.)

    Finally she turned to Rainbow, with a rather dark smile on her face that made Lockwood and Briarthorn cringe, “By the way, Rainbow, why do you hate stallions?”

  • Ouch! XD

    Rainbow snorted, “Is that a threat?” Despite Briarthorn’s gestures for her to stop, as well as the worried looks Twilight and Pinkie were giving her, she continued, “If you’re looking to get into it with me, Your Majesty-”

  • You know, as misguided as this is, I actually approve of Rainbow's actions in this scene. mainly because she's defending her lover. (Also the Pinkie Dash pairing has really grown on me lately.)

    "You need work on your death glare.”

  • XD!!

    Blackburn snorted, and Briarthorn shrugged his wings. “She was all,” and everypony, even Blackburn started - if in her case very slightly - at the precise inflection and almost perfect imitation, “‘Oh, Briarthorn, you devilishly handsome rapscallion, you might be gorgeous beyond all belief, but I think I have an idea about taste, you charming if uncouth ruffian, so I think I can handle my fashion, thank you very much, darling.’ She was doing so well up until that little idea.”

    “He’s got your number there,” Applejack whispered, “Best dang Rarity impression I ever heard.”

    “Oh please, I do not sound like that at all!” Rarity scoffed, “And I certainly don’t remember saying anything of that sort, either.!"

  • XD!!!!!!!

    “You had no chance. Best smuggler in the city. Drinking integral part of that. If no drinking were involved, might have a chance at being the best pilot,"

  • BURN!!XD

  • The Sherlock Scan just gets better and better.

    • She really dislikes Fluttershy though. Curious...

  • "Team killing Bucktard" Ha!

    Blackburn blinked rapidly, then shook her head. “Won’t question."

  • Even the Queen is Giving Up on Logic when it comes to Pinkie Pie!

    Blackburn stared at Tick Tock, her expression unchanging. “Possibility. When the impossible is eliminated, only leaves improbable.

  • Definitely a Sherlock Holmes Expy, with elements of Mordin. I am so adding her name to Magnificent Bitch when I'm done.

I think I'll pause my reading here. Need to get some sleep.


May 2nd 2013 at 9:29:00 AM
I like Blackburn.

As for Tick Tock, it's become a Running Gag in the thread to interpret all her interactions as laced with Unresolved Sexual Tension and to see her as a Memetic Sex Goddess with loads of Foe Yay with everypony.
May 2nd 2013 at 9:43:09 AM
Blackburn is just pure freaking WIN! Though she reminded me of Mordin more then anyone else.

As to her issues with Fluttershy, that gets explained, and is part of the second biggest issue I have with the story and by far the dumbest and least needed plot line that simply wastes space, time, patience, and makes no damn sense at all.

The biggest issue of course being Brairthorn.

Glad you're enjoying the story, it really is damn good overall. Just, a few things that really needed to be handled differently.