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Live Blog Blind Lets play dragon quest monsters joker 2
BlueLuigi2013-04-21 04:40:17

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Episode 0 : explanations and a mistake.

Alright this is a lets play of dragon quest monsters joker 2 (DQMJ 2), its basically dragon quest monster and pokemon combined, with the pokemon replaced by dragon quest series monsters, i played a little of the first game so i know a few of the basics,

Scouting : You scout monsters to join your team, unlike pokemon and there pokeballs, you select the scout command from your battle window, and your team attacks the enemies while filling up a meter, the higher the % the better the chance of the monster joining your team.

I should mention, i started a file just to see what the game was like by fighting in the first are, and i accidentally saved, so i'll give a quick summary of what happened

-my character, whom i named after myself, but i'll just call Blue in the story, is hiding in a crate.

-A blue haired girl is arguing with what i presume to be the captain, named rex mayday, she leaves.

-The crate Blue's in gets loaded.

-Blue gets caught by a teeny sanguini named countess along with this blonde haired girl, (Can't remember her name).

-Blue's forced to become a deckhand, introduces himself, and the ship abruptly crashes.

-I meet rory after waking up with countess, he gives me a monster and teaches me about battling and scouting, and i head off into the forest.

And thats it!, im offically blind from here on out.

I'll mention my team here, but in future installments i'll post a summary at the end detailing the changes my team has gone through, an i'll post one if i happen to grind before the installment as well.

Spooky (Ghost) LV 4 HP:27 MP:27 Default monster

Slimer (Slime) LV 3 HP:23 MP:13

Morth (Stump Chump) LV 2 HP:20 MP:8

And so on the next installment we actually begin to play the game!.

Feel free to comment on any mistakes i make in the game or maybe recommend a monster or name for me to catch, i'll always try and i'll post credits to whoever it was that helped at the end of the installments.

Also, (I know i talk to much) this is a BLIND lets play so no major spoilers, the Do's and don'ts are posted below

Allowed -Missed items or well hidden items i've gone by -Any mistakes i make in the information. -Monster recommendations and name recommendations. -Generel discussion

Not allowed -Do not spoil the story, comment only on story that i have gone through. -I make mistakes, and feel free to correct them, unless it involves any spoilers.

I respond to all comments.

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