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Live Blog Each step you climb is one more step up the ladder: Black 2 Walkthrough
Chariot2013-03-23 07:51:03

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Preparation: Rules and Request

Hey all. This is my first liveblog and also the first time I am playing Black 2 with a possibility of actually completing it. However to make it more fun I have decided to make it a themed run. That means I want you guys to build me a team based around a certain theme. The catch: the team must be themed around either a Trainer Class and what pokemon you could see them owning or an NPC and the pokemon you can invision them owning. NPC characters such as Gym Leaders and the Elite Four must be from other games however. So no 5th Gym Leaders or Elite Four are allowed outside of Caitlin since she debuted in Platinum. More rules about teams to follow:

  • Pseudo legendaries are allowed. HOWEVER they must be easily obtainable and you have to tell me when in game to pick them up.
  • Legendaries however are offlimit until after at least the 6th Gym. You can recommend them but know now that I won't use them ingame until after then. I might even put off catching them until then.
  • No recommending anything I have to trade for whether it be to evolve it or otherwise as I do not have access to anyone to trade with and th edorm's Wi-Fi does not work.
  • Furthermore no recommending Pokemon that belong to N. I have not memory linked with my copy of Black.
  • The team must be coherent. They should fit well together both in terms of look and battle ability. Getting stuck because they don't cover weaknesses well is not fun.
  • If you recommend a rare pokemon/your team idea consist of a rare pokemon please be sure to provided alternatives. The same applies for late game pokemon. I would like to be able to actually build a team.
  • Don't forget to suggest moves as well. Genders too if you think a certain gender would fit the pokemon!
  • Be sure to recommend nicknames as well. None will go unnamed and if left up to me they will all have really bad names. Try to stick to a theme for the names as well such as food, elements or planets.

Now for general rules:

  • I must box my starter once I acquire all the pokemon you recommend.
  • I can only play with the team you chose for the main game. Once we hit postgame all bets are off. The only exception are if I catch a pokemon to use HMs. They can be on the team but are not allowed to battle unless absolutely necessary.
  • A total team knockout after the first three gyms means I box all but the strongest and then I switch over to a substitute team as recommended by you and we switch to a new theme. If I get a total team knockout once I reach the Elite Four I get to pick my own team regardless of whether it matches the theme or not.
  • Breeding for a pokemon you recommended is allowed. However the pokemon I breed must replace its parents no matter what.
  • Egg moves and TMs are allowed.

I think that is about it. If you think of any more rules let me know.


Mar 22nd 2013 at 3:00:57 PM
You should do a team of Mathematicians and Physicists!

  • Gauss (Magnetic Scale): Magnezone, Female (You can catch one in Virbank City)
    • Moves: Magnet Rise, Thunder Wave, Lock On, Zap Cannon (Can be swapped out for Discharge if having to use Lock On before it every turn annoys you)

  • Aristotle (He liked Zooology, I guess? I dont know, Arostotle just works for a Grumpig): Grumpig, Male (You can get one in reversal mountain)
    • Moves: Confuse Ray, Rest, Snore, Psychic

  • Newton (Unit of Force): Scrafty, Male (On route 4)
    • Moves: High Jump Kick, Swagger, Brick Break, Focus Punch

  • Asimov (Not technically a Physicist, true, but kind of sorta physics related): Klinklang (Charge Stone Cave)
    • Moves: Gear Grind, Bind, Autotomise, Discharge

  • Curie (Phsycist): Gothitelle, Female (The route straight after Nimbassa City)
    • Moves: Future Sight, Psychic, Faint Attack, Psyshock

  • Kelvin (Phsycist, Heat): Arcanine, Male (This ones in Virbank City as well)
    • Moves: Flare Blitz, Extreme Speed, Outrage, Overheat

Mar 22nd 2013 at 8:44:07 PM
Is this based off a particular NPC or trainer class? If not I'm afraid it does not qualify for the type of run I am doing.
Mar 22nd 2013 at 9:06:11 PM
You weren't very specific about that. :/

I say go for a Grunt run. Rattata, Patrat, Zubat, etc. Just the stuff Team _____ Grunts would use.
Mar 22nd 2013 at 9:28:22 PM
Yes I was? It's like the 4th sentence in the first paragraph. Or did you just not read that part?
Mar 23rd 2013 at 1:31:15 AM
Ack. Missed that.

Also: Fifth sentence.
Mar 23rd 2013 at 3:32:06 PM
Miscounted. So a Grunt run eh. Any pokemon in particular you would recommend? I might expand it into a Team run instead and focus on a specific Team if we don't get any ideas/you don't tell me which ones to use.
Mar 23rd 2013 at 5:39:09 PM
I'm not sure which Pokemon can be found in Black 2, and to check would invalidate the "blind" part of my own liveblog.