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HeroShepherd2013-02-06 08:56:09

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attempting an Egg Run again

wish I knew about these before. Wish I knew about these a long time before but that is the past and the present is now.

Anyway the point being I attempted in an egg run before after hearing about them from Anomalocaris 20 but I never got to acquiring an egg because Pokémon hates me or maybe Wi-Fi does anyway I blasted through Pokémon white 2 with my so-called "feminine team run" and now I want a bigger challenge and since I'm always open for receiving eggs in a trade I thought this would work if Mr. Internet would be nice. I already completed my requirements on my end in Pokémon black to you are looking for Nate the lonely Pokémon breeder friend code 0347 8623 8153 I got the gym badge and eight Pokémon I'm willing to trade I'm going to keep my Tepig for now.

Rules 1) The Pokemon must be naturally breedable from an egg. No hacking in, say, an Arceus. And while technically it can come in an egg, no Manaphy either. The egg's contents also may not be rigged or altered via hacking, generation, ect. They must be a natural egg.

2) The Pokemon may not be born knowing any moves besides what it learns at level 1. This means no egg moves, no inherited TM's, and no early level-up moves.

3) If the Pokemon has a pre-evolved form achieved via incense breeding, such is the case with Budew and Bonsly, then the egg must be in the lowest form. No Roselia or Sudowoodo eggs in those two cases.

4) I constructed a personal banlist for specific Pokemon, it was for specific issues. Combee, for example, only learns Gust via level-up and only females can evolve. As such it's banned, as are a few other Pokemon with similar issues such as Delibird Pokemon with overly-gimmicky learnsets, such as Smeargle and Wynaut. okay I'm not using the full version of this rule in case you can't tell. I don't see the problem with the fish and no starters but only of the current generation it's been a long time since I trained anybody from a previous one.

In addition to those rules, my six donators collaborated with each other to pick out a reasonable team. Ideally, it is fairly balanced in regard to type and stats. This is less of a hard rule to follow and more or less just asking for common sense from my donors. A team of six Remoraid, for example, would not be common sense.

Okay, now as for the actual rules I must follow... 1) I must play on Challenge Mode. No disabling that. crud didn't know this was a rule well guess we have time to figure out what the teams going to be.

2) I may play the game normally and freely until trading becomes available to me. At that point I must trade over the six eggs, hatch all six, level them up to a reasonable level at which I may proceed, and then must box all other Pokemon except the six and use only them for the rest of the game. Until the hatchlings are raised to acceptable levels I may train them with the aid of my other Pokemon.

3) I am allowed to catch Pokemon besides the six egg Pokemon, though I may not use them. The only reason for me to do that is for legendary Pokemon and, if luck favors me, shiny Pokemon. If the latter appears I'm allowed to break any rule for the sake of capturing it. I'm not going to let a shiny get away just because my only Pokemon left is not allowed to battle.

4) I may temporarily place another Pokemon on my team if they are needed for HM use or other tasks, but they may not be used in battle except in extreme circumstances such as the aforementioned shiny exception, or to manipulate a legendary Pokemon's nature via Synchronize (Why didn't I think of that?)

5) If a Pokemon has an unusual evolution requirement that is not normally accessible within the standard game (Such as requiring an item that isn't available until after the credits), I may trade with other games to acquire the means to evolve it, but only at a reasonable point of evolution.

6) I am not sure when this run will be considered over. I may engage in post-credits activities, or I may not. It depends on how I feel after the credits


Feb 6th 2013 at 9:14:14 AM
Maybe you should use your own rules instead of copy pasting Anoms?

Also, it isn't an egg run if you use your Tepig.
Feb 6th 2013 at 2:34:06 PM
I said Keep Tepig, not use it. is to help get them from level on to 10