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Live Blog Badwolfwho reads Project Horizons
Badwolfwho2012-12-18 11:34:37

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So, going to read Project Horizons. Last time I read Fallout Equestria was when it was finished so I may not remember everything about the setting, I apologise if I see contradictions where there aren't any so just correct me in the comments if you donít mind. I canít guarantee funny or insightful commentary. I can guarantee Mass Effect references and gushing about Steel Rangers and unarmed characters. Since I talk with someone who does read Project Horizons thereís a few things I've picked up, hazily remember or possibly invented out of thin air. These may or may not be correct but I may as well list them. Donít confirm or deny these. If you're reading with me which I acknowledge as being unlikely feel free to ignore these.

Things I think I know about Project Horizons.

  • Itís more grimdark than FOE.
    • It's longer than longcat.
  • Blackjack hates mercy kills.
    • She does however kill a whole vault of foals.
  • Blackjack gets a companion who uses Power Hooves (this is tentatively my favourite one)
    • Blackjack gets a companion who is turned into Rainbow Dash and thinks this is a bad thing (tentatively my least favourite)
  • All the villains are sympathetic?
  • Reapers and Harbingers exist. They may be related. Iíd like to say Iíll try not to make Mass Effect jokes when they show up, but thatís a lie.
  • Thereís a Ranger called Steel Rain. Heís a combination of Elijah and Hardin. Meaning heís most likely going to be the best guy ever.
    • Thereís also a Ranger whoís an Unarmed specialist and can throw floors at people. He may also be the best guy ever.
  • Thereís someone who wants to kill everyone so they canít kill each other. This doesnít feel like a feasible plan but whatever. If it is true prepare for Starchild references.
  • Blueblood is awesome in this fic. This is a great thing, more fics should have him being awesome.
  • Goldenblood is maybe a Sue?
  • Blackjack and Littlepip meet at some point at Tenpony.
  • Thereís a star that eats peopleís souls. I donít know if this is metaphorical or if there is literally a star with jaws only used for souls.

Well, let's begin. Unless you're reading this before I upload the next section. In which case wait a bit.


Dec 18th 2012 at 3:47:30 PM
I made similar connections with those Reapers and ME ones. That cause development of my headcanon that there is some Reaper like abomination who was responsible for War. (I didn't know about Eater of Souls)