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Live Blogs Psyga and Friends Watch The Muppet Movie
Psyga3152014-07-06 20:54:45

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Part 1: Superpooh

This is going to be a departure from my other liveblog works, focusing on a narrative about me and a few other characters sitting down and watching a movie, sort of like you'd see in a That Guy with the Glasses Crossover-In-A-Hotel review. As such, it will be read more like a Script Fic than it will an actual Liveblog. Enjoy.

Psyga: Hey there! I'm Psyga... from the future! We like to apologize in advance, as the video linked with this liveblog is no longer available. Still, enjoy this liveblog.

Wataru was sitting in his room, reading 'Salem's Lot. He was about to turn the page, when he heard the sounds of running approaching the door. Before he had time to get up, the door swung open. In comes Psyga, holding a DVD case.


Wataru: Yeah? What about it?


Wataru: Why?

Psyga: Look, I was in the video store, bored out of my mind, and there I saw The Muppets Movie. I figured that after all that stupidity with the Boskeyverse, I figured I'd offset it with the Muppets.

Wataru: Wait, I thought you watching The Snowman, reading Puella Magi Oriko Magica, and watching that Olsen Twins movie were your ways of getting over those Rugrats Fanfictions.

Psyga: Well, itís also to offset the stupidity that was Sonichu. Look, itís the Muppets, they're Sesame Street for older audiences! If anyone can make us laugh, it will be The Muppets!

Wataru: Huh. Didn't know you were a big Muppets fan.

Psyga: Well, to tell you the truth... this is my first exposure to a full-length Muppets show.

Wataru: Wait, why did you buy it then?

Psyga: Because I hear it's really funny! Look, we need a good laugh once and a while. Here, let me get the DVD, and we will watch it.

Wataru: Very well...

Wataru sits down as Psyga goes to his TV, gets out the DVD from the case, places the DVD into the player and presses the play button.

Psyga: So we open at a movie studio where Statler and Waldorf enter the theater to riff on the movie. Meanwhile, the other Muppets are in the theater...

Wataru: Psyga, why are you talking to yourself like you're doing a liveblog?

Psyga: Well, to tell you the truth, there was another reason why I got this DVD. It was to do a liveblog of the movie.

Wataru: And... why are you bringing me along for this?

Psyga: I wanted someone to watch with me.

Wataru: Really?

Psyga: Yeah. You didn't really get to help me with a Liveblog from beginning to end, you just pop in and tell me that I'm not done. The last time you helped riff a movie with me, it was halfway done.

Wataru: I... I don't know what to say.

Psyga: Thanks. You're supposed to say thanks.

Wataru: Thanks.

Psyga: Back to the movie... Nearly everyone cracks a joke or two and it is funny. After a while, the film begins to play. The film of how the Muppets began. Here we have a long credits sequence, before Kermit begins singing about rainbows on his banjo.

Wataru: I will admit, the frog's banjo playing is very well done.

Psyga: Yeah. This song is pretty good. I'm actually starting to like it. Keep the film rolling, I'm going to get some popcorn.

Psyga then leaves to go make some popcorn. That's when the DVD switches to another scene entirely.

Wataru: Uh, Psyga?

Purple Unicorn: Excuse me, we heard your song back there... and it's sounding beautiful.

Wataru: Is... Is this...

Purple Unicorn: My name is Twilight Sparkle.

Wataru: Oh boy... This is bad...

Psyga returns with a tub of popcorn so big, it obscured his vision of the bottom of the screen, which was where the subtitles were going.

Psyga: What did I miss?

Wataru: Nothing. Just this rower comes by and tells Kermit that he's lost.

Psyga: Ah. Any jokes I've missed?

Wataru: Well, I don't think you'd find them funny.

Bernie: I have to catch a plane.

Kermit: With that tongue? No way.

Psyga laughs.

Psyga: Good. I didn't miss any good jokes.

Wataru: Yeah... So Psyga... There's something you should know...

Psyga: You came to this city to play a card game on motorcycles? Cool. We'll play later.

Wataru: No, Psyga-

Psyga: So this guy says he's from Hollywood and...

Suddenly, a white unicorn with blue eyes and purple curly hair appears and asks "HOLLYWOOD?!" This caused Psyga to freeze up as he heard the Unicorn gush about Hollywood.

Wataru: I tried to warn you...

Psyga: ... Wataru... Give me the case.

Wataru: Huh?

Psyga: Give me the case. Now!

Wataru hands Psyga the case. He reads it a little more clearly, with masking tape put on the top of the DVD's title, written in purple marker: "TWILIGHT SPARKLE MEETS" to make it read: "Twilight Sparkle Meets The Muppet Movie". To quote a blue haired girl...

Psyga: I'm... I'm such an idiot.


Dec 5th 2012 at 11:35:37 AM
I didn't know you were doing the Twilight Sparkle's Adventures version! I find this liveblog very interesting so far, and I can't wait to see more!

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