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Live Blog Let's (re)play Final Fantasy V
ThAlEdison2012-10-09 18:24:34

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We start with the introduction, a kind of whistful music plays and we start at the top of a castle panning down to a sleeping creature. A man walks up, and the creture (dragon) let's out a cry. A pink-haired girl walks into the scene. The dialouge box informs us her name is Lenna.

Lenna: Father!

The man walks back to her.

Lenna: Do you really have to go?
King Tycoon: You know I do, dear.
I need you to protect the castle.
King Tycoon: Under no circumstances are you to
follow me, do you understand?
Lenna: But, Father...
King Tycoon: Something is wrong with the
I must go to the Wind Shrine to
make certain nothing's happened
to the crystal.
Lenna: Yes... I've noticed it as well.
But, to go alone is-
King Tycoon: Lenna. Don't worry,
I'll be fine. Have faith

The king gets on the dragon, which cries again and flies off. Lenna waves. We see the king fly over the front of the cstle as the scene fades out.

The next scene appears to be a boat, we pan down to a purple-haired person.

Faris: The wind just... stopped...

Fade to the next scene, it appears to be a cave of some sort, oddly red colored and shaking. There is an orange-haired man in front of a swirling vortex.

Old Man: I've got to hurry!

Fade back to the castle, reversing the pan from earlier.

Lenna: The wind's stopped.

Fade to a giant crystal in a room, the king enters.

King Tycoon: What in blazes...!?

The screen darkens, the crystal shatters, fade to white, then back to a forest. There is a brown-haired person standing in front of a fire with a yellow chocobo to the right of the fire. Suddenly there is shaking, the person and chocobo are startled, and we switch to a mode 7 shot of a falling rock (meteorite?). We switch views to the ground as the metorite crashes. Back in the forest, the brown-haired person and chocobo nod to each other. The person mounts the bird. They put out the fire and ride off.

End introduction

I'm now on the world map on a chocobo, I have control of the action. Pressing start, shows me that I am ???, a Freelancer LV 1 with 36 HP and 5 MP. I have three potions, 500 gil, and a memento from my father. No magic (but a menu option for it), and Job and Ability menus that are greyed-out. He has a broadsword and leather armor equipped. I save the game and exit the menu. Pressing A, B, L, R or select have no effect at this time.

I have an idea where the meteorite landed, so I head the other way. To see nothing but mountains plains, and a beach. None of it really interesting. I ride back to the meteorite and enter it. ??? gets off and has a dialouge box without a name line.

(???) Boko, wait here, okay?

I can now walk, pressing B allows me to walk faster. I go in the obvious direct, and see Lenna unconscious and being dragged by monsters. First fight, I have ??? attack each of the goblins, which he can kill with a single sword swing. ??? helps Lenna up.

(???) Hey, are you all right?
Lenna: Y-yes... I believe so...
Lenna: I give you my thanks.
My name is Lenna.
And you are...?
(???) Me?

Please enter a name. A prompt with the default name of Bartz appears, I confirm.

Bartz: Call me Bartz.
Me and my chocobo just go
wherever the trail leads us...
Lenna: Bartz...

Bartz nods.

Lenna: This rock suddenly fell
from the sky... The impact must
have knocked me out.
Bartz: Guess it's a meteorite.
Lenna: A meteorite... I wonder if it
has a connection to the wind
Lenna: Again, I give you my thanks.
I wish I could do something more to
show my appreciation, but I really
must go...
Bartz: Whoa-
hey, hold up a sec...
Lenna: Bartz...
Did you hear something?
Bartz: Huh?
(offscreen No Portrait) Oohhh...
Ughh... Help... me...
Bartz: Over there...

I have control again and look around, I find a hidden area with a phoenix down. I then see the Old Man from the introduction lying unconscious near the meteorite.

Lenna: Are you all right?
Old Man: Where am I...
Oh... my aching head!
Sakes alive... what happened?
I don't remember
Ehh...? I can't remember anything!
Bartz: Looks like you hit your
head pretty bad... Maybe you got
Old Man: Oh!
Something came back to me...
My name is Galuf!
Lenna: That's a start! Anything else?
Galuf: ...
... Nope, just the name! Other than
that, my memory's a blank slate...

Galuf looks depressed, Lenna starts to leave.

Lenna: I'm very sorry... but you
must excuse me, I have no time to
Bartz: Where're you going?
Lenna: I must go to the Wind

Galuf reacts excitedly.

Galuf: The Wind Shrine! Now that
you mention it, I'm pretty sure that's where I was headed!
It's decided, I'm going with
Lenna: But...
Galuf: I could never let such
a sweet girl go all by her lonesome.
Plus, I know I've gotta get to that
shrine... I feel it in my bones.
You've gotta take me with!
Lenna: Bartz,
What about you?
Bartz: ... Sorry, I'm gonna bow
out on this one. Good luck, though.
Lenna: Bartz...
Thank you again. Farewell...
Galuf: Godspeed, and all that

They walk off, Bartz walks a little forward and becomes controllable. Galuf and Lenna are long gone. I walk out the way I came in.

(Bartz) Come on, Boko, let's go!

Going back the way I explored earlier (only choice), there is suddenly a canyon.

Bartz: Ow!!! Boko!
Bad, bad chocoobo! What are you
doing, stopping like that!?
... Now don't give me that look!
Boko: Kweh! Kweh kweh!
Bartz: ... I know, it's just a
girl and an old man...
And with all those goblins around...
Fine, I got it, I got it.

More shaking, holes start opening up.

(offscreen) Lenna: Augh!
(offscreen) Galuf: Geh!
Bartz: Boko, come on!
Boko: Kweh!

Run through the canyon on Boko, getting attacked by the occasional pair of goblins and jumping holes that appear. Pick up unconscious Lenna and Galuf, and get out of there. Over by a cliff Bartz is keeping lookout while Boko watches the two unconscious bodies.

Lenna: Ohhh...
Bartz: G'morning.
Lenna: Bartz!
Lenna: It seems I cannot escape
being in your debt...
Bartz: Hey,
don't worry about it.
Bartz: The shockwave from
the meteorite's impact caused landslides...
The road's covered in rubble. I
don't think you're gonna be able to
make it to Tule that way.
Lenna: But... if I can't get to the
Wind Shrine, then...
Galuf: Uhhh...
Galuf: Wind Shrine... gotta hurry...
Bartz: The old guy's pretty
dead set on getting there, too...
Bartz: All right. I'll go with
you and personally see to it that
you get there safely!
Lenna: Oh! Really?
Bartz: Yeah! You know, it was
my dad's dying wish that I go out
and travel the world...
Plus, this time, it feels like-
like the wind is calling me.
Galuf: What a sweet-talker! As if
you don't just have the hots ofr
the little missy.
Bartz: Wha- You're awake?
Galuf: Don't sound so surprised.
This old dog is always ready for anything!

Jumps up, flexes muscles, and laughs.

Galuf: Still, if the road is blocked,
that makes things a sight more
Bartz: Hrm...
Lenna: ...

Music change to a song of destiny.

Lenna: I won't give up. There
must be a way to reach the
Wind Shrine!
Galuf: Right! And we'll find it!
Bartz: All right! Let's ride!

I save outside of a cave that was previously not there.

Lenna and Galuf are both Freelancer LV 1 with HP and MP comparable to what Bartz started with. Bartz is now LV 2 with 46 HP and 8 MP. Lenna has a knife, and Galuf is unarmed. Both wear Leather Armor. I now have 560 Gil.

Next installment, the cave, Tule, the Wind Shrine, and maybe more.

So I like this opening, it's somewhat different from some of the other games in the series. You don't start off in a town or near a town, and there is no screen of just text.

The art style is nostalgic being a clear transition between Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI in the 16-bit era.

At this time I only have two points of contention. When characters are puzzled they get an animated question mark word balloon above their heads, which looks goofy. Similarly goofy is the animated exclamation point word balloon when they come to a realization. The other point of contention is that the chracter portraits in the word balloons don't match the sprites (they do match the elaborate chracter art available, but not the stylized character art available). The closest matches so far are King Tycoon (who wears an Odin-like headgear) and Bartz. Despite their sprites, Lenna's portrait has blonde hair. Galuf's portrait has white hair, and Faris's portrait also has blonde hair. Their sprites have pink, orange, and purple hair respectively.

Story And Gameplay Segregation: Galuf and Lenna look just as capable as Bartz, but need to be rescued, also there didn't appear to be a road to Tule previously, but may have existed prior to the meteorite crash (since you only gain control afterward).


Oct 9th 2012 at 7:34:46 PM
You say "goofy" as if it were bad or something. In this game, that's more of a plus.
Oct 10th 2012 at 8:23:01 AM
I generally agree with you. Tone-wise I like that this is one of the sillier games in the series, but the thought balloons in particular bother me. It's a minor annoyance at best, though. I also don't have a problem with the same thing in VI, but I think, in that game, the punctuation isn't in balloons so it's less obtrusive.