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jon1jon32012-10-08 18:50:41

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This is Jon Speaking. I am adding this blog for people who are/choose to be inspired by statements and sentences and use it for writting fiction, or as a booster to their work in progress.

Firstly, the sentences I am talking about are those that would help people write works and books just by reading them alone. Examples include, but not limited to:

"When Everything is Meant to be Broken" - goo goo dolls

"I Was Drowning, Not Waving" - Stevie Smith

"A King Is But A Servent To His People" - Jon, Found in Torah study

"When a Child Believes Everything He Knows, We Know This As Innocence"

"Every Picture Has A Purpose" Ronald Reagen TV Class Motto

"It Only Takes One" - Jon, in regards to many works of fiction

"We Fell In Love In A Hopless Place" - Rihanna, We Found Love

"One Finds Himself In His Heart And Present, Not In Mind And Past" - Jon, Torah study

"They Had Nothing To Say To Eachother" - Mr. Sanches, Creative writting teacher

(IF you believe the idea of writting stories or scenes with such sentences is impossible or plainly stupid, I sugest you leave this blog so that no one's time will be wasted.)

In this blog, Comments and New Writer's Sentences are accepted, Under the following conditions:

For Comments

1st: No Flame Wars.

2nd: No negative comments directed towars other members, only towards their comment/arguement (you cannot call them stupid, but you can call their arguments stupid).

3rd: It is ok to comment on how Writer's Sentences helped you on your works (helps other members to see how to implement the sentences), but do state the Writer's Sentences used in the same comment

4th: If you feel a Writer's Sentence is bad or simply ineffective, do say so in a polite manner, and follow Condition 2.

For Writer's Sentences

1st: If the Writer's Sentence is a well known quote, do state the author's name, and if you do not know who said the Writer's Sentence after research, Place The Name Anoymous

2nd: If the Writer's Sentence is from a song, state the name of the band and the tittle of the song. If the tittle of the song is a Writter's Sentence, then simply state so.

3rd: If you are the author of your own Writer's Sentence, Then state such, or simply write the Writer's Sentence (We will assume it is yours if nothing states the origin of the Writer's Sentence)(Note: not only are you allowed to show your own Writer's Sentences, But you are encouraged to.)

4th: To allow fast and easy identyfication of the writers, Use Quotation Marks(") to identyfy the Writer's Sentence.

This is my First Blog I've ever written. Please enjoy and do not ruin others experiance.

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