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Live Blog Studying the Secret! Afterwatch #1: Code Lyoko
MadWritter2013-01-01 05:17:44

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What is Afterwatch?

An Afterwatch is where I post my thoughts on an episode after I fully watch a episode of a cartoon. Eposide that have two parts or more to their stories must be watch fully before I post.

The Afterwatch in this live blogging cover "Code Lyoko". Moonscoop's "Code Lyoko" is about a group of school kids — Ulrich, Odd, Yumi and Jeremie — at Kadic who had discovered two A.I.s in a supercomputer with both a Little Good — Aelita — and a Big Bad — X.A.N.A.

Beside the Afterwatch of a episode. They will theories on stuff, rating on characters when done with a season, and other things.

P.S. "Code Lyoko Evolution" is — to make a mess of the old phrase - "A horse of a different color" — is "a series of a different type." I'm not going to do a Live Blog of that series even it turns out to really awesome.

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