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Live Blog Let's Attempt to Watch: Rarity's Adventures of Amazing Animals
SnickerdoodleHamster2012-09-09 21:06:56

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Part One: A Crossover in Danger

Hello, Snickerdoodle Hamster here! As You Know, I have recently been liveblogging a really bad crossover called Paper Kirby, which I have not completed yet due to the fact that it only updates once or twice every month, and that it is incomplete. So, I will be reviewing a completely unrelated and almost as bad crossover instead to pass the time. That crossover I will be reviewing is called Rarity's Adventures of Amazing Animals: Endangered Animals. I know that several people have already riffed on Pooh's Adventures before, but this was so bad, I just had to liveblog it for the nice folks at TV Tropes and everybody else. :) So now.. it begins!

Part One out of... EIGHT? Kill me.

We start with the Disney logo, (which makes no sense because nothing in here was produced by them) followed by the logos for Dorling Kindersly, Partridge Films, DHX Media, and Hasbro Studios. The next logo is a homemade logo for LordKraken3 Productions.

Sweetie Belle: That's not a word!

You are certainly correct, Sweetie Belle. Anyway, all of these companies have teamed up, despite the Logical Fallacies, to bring you this video!

We get the Title Sequence from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Is this Twilight Sparkle's Adventures or Rarity's Adventures? Afterward, we get the Title Sequence from Amazing Animals. Due to all of this Filler, this video is now halfway over.

This crossover starts with the 30 seconds from Sisterhooves Social. However, Vakishim interrupts Rarity to ask her how she's doing, and they discuss a bit of stuff about this illogical crossover. I just find it hilarious that a cartoon unicorn is being paired with a Japanese monster. Suddenly, the narrator interrupts both of them, and they introduce each other. Now, we are three minutes into the video, and the actual film is finally starting. Henry comes in and questions why these two ridiculous creatures were brought in. They introduce each other right here as well. The video finally progresses, with Rarity stating the obvious every few seconds. Anyways, when the narrator explains how endangered animals could soon be extinct, Rarity Screams Like a Little Girl. The video abruptly ends with this line:

Narrator: Being endangered and being in danger are very different things, Henry...

Rarity: ...thanks to Sweetie Belle!

Will the plot ever actually start? Find out next time on Let's Attempt to Watch!


Sep 10th 2012 at 12:05:29 PM
Well, this certainly was...painful and illogical. Putting aside the plot holes and poor editing of the actual video, I find it interesting that the author's notes were "No copyright infringement intended". I mean, all of those Vanity Plates imply that those companies are willingly working together to present this & see LordKraken3 and his 'company' as an equal, which is probably the opposite of the intended effect. Anyways, best of luck; you'll need it, even more than when you watched Paper Kirby!
Sep 10th 2012 at 6:21:01 PM
I found the "I lost a duel against Yusei" line to be very lulzy. CARD GAMES WITH PONIES!