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Live Blogs The Host: A Blind Sporking
LadyMomus2012-09-02 07:19:01

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Welcome to the Sporking

Stephenie Meyer is well-known for her much loved and much loathed Twilight series. It's hard to ignore the Twilight series due to both its huge fanbase and the widespread mockery it has received. What often is ignored is that Stephenie Meyer wrote a book outside the Twilight series. That book is The Host.

Judging by the lack of legions of fangirls, The Host is much less popular than Twilight. However, I was assured by someone who has read all of Meyer's books that The Host is better than the Twilight books.

Is it better?

No clue.

I haven't read Twilight or The Host. *

But even if I had read the Twilight series, I probably wouldn't be bringing them up during this sporking.

Good writers have written bad books, and bad writers sometimes manage to produce a gem. Each book should be judged on its own merits, and that's what I plan to do.

Like my Modelland sporking, I'm going into this blind. In fact, I'm even more in the dark this time, since I don't know anything about the plot or premise. All I know is the name of the book, the name of the author, and the length (619 pages for the hardcover edition). If I remember correctly, it's science fiction, so aliens are probably involved somehow. Hopefully these aliens

I will be reading one chapter at a time. I am not allowed to read a chapter until I have completed a post for the chapter before it. I am also avoiding any and all spoilers.

If you know what is going to happen, please do not tell me. I enjoy making wild guesses about what will happen when I'm reading books. If you tell me what's going to happen, you'll spoil my fun.

Just to make this clear: this sporking is NOT about Twilight. Unless sparkling vampires or imprinting shows up, I'm not even going to be mentioning Twilight after this paragraph. If you'd like to see Twilight eviscerated, you'll have to look elsewhere. I recommend Mark Reads Twilight.

I've bought a copy of The Host so let's get started.

This sporking is brought to you by the Kindle. The Kindle: hiding embarrassing reading material since 2007.

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