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Live Blog Feudal Japan is at war?! Marty Stu can handle it; he can do anything!
MFM2012-08-25 23:55:33

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His indecision/Lets you all do work for him/You must feel so loved

Welcome, one and all!

You may be asking yourself, or even asking me, “Hey, what’s this liveblog all about? What gave you the idea that you weren’t a worthless sack of air and flesh who doesn’t know when to shut his face?” Well, my good friend, I one day decided, “Hey, I should go make a liveblog of a game I really enjoy!”

Then I went to a local game store to get the Mega Man Zero Collection. But they didn’t have that, and I was sad. Instead, I browsed for a bit, and I found one of the newer installments in the Samurai Warriors series: Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (or, as the box calls it, Chronicles: Samurai Warriors, but that sounds dumb and I hate it). Then I decided that I might as well pick it up.

So, Samurai Warriors. What can I say about it that hasn’t been said a million times? ...Nothing, actually. I’ve actually played at least one game in most of Koei’s Warriors series. I’ve played games with similar settings, if nothing else. I’ve played games with the same cast of characters. But I’ve never actually touched Samurai Warriors itself.

That means this liveblog is as much for myself as it is for you all! Unless you all hate my writing, in which case I’ll just be speaking to a bunch of ghosts. Spooky.

Is there anything I do know about this game, specifically? Well... I’m reasonably sure you can make original characters do not steal. To what extent you can customize them I have no idea, but that’s what this initial installment will be all about! It’s now time for me to make my dashing male original character who will defeat all the canon characters with ease. Alternatively, I could make my equally dashing female original character who will effortlessly romance all canon characters.

Long story short, should our main character be a Mary or a Marty? A dude or a dudette? THE MANLIEST OR THE GIRL-MANLIEST?

Wait, what was I saying again? Oh yeah, guy or girl character? And I’m not sure if I can name hir, but if so, I guess I’ll need one of those, too. Alternatively, you can prove me wrong and say there is no character creation, or call me a lazy dumbass and tell me to make my own damn character. Anything works. So long as YOU ALL GIVE ME ATTENTION AAAAAAAAAAAAAA–

I’ll shut up now. Expect results tomorrow! Yes, even if nobody comments. I have my ways.

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