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Live Blog To go where no human has gone before! Let's Play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!
phoenixdaughterAM2012-08-10 14:06:21

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Welcome to the intro!

I wanna be the very best! Starting in 1996, Pokemon has become one of the most well-known videogame franchise. All of their games are well known for being a Killer App for the system and it's a given that if you have a handheld device, you are bound to have one of the main games. This series has many spin-offs for it but my personal favorite is the one that I am Let's Playing.

Gen 3 was the GBA era. The time when it was "uncool" to be a Pokemon fan. At least, for a teenager in a small rural area. :( Ironcally, this was the time when I became a full-fledged gamer. Thanks to Mom keeping me from purchasing a DS until I traded a camera for one at an after-prom, the GBA is really my home system. I have very fond memories of the Sonic Advance Trilogy, The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap and of course, Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire (and Emerald). But Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was the swan-song game for the system and one I played the heck out of. I actually kinda prefer these games to the main ones.

-dodges tomatoes-

But enough about my gaming history, let's get more into the game shall we?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (and Blue Rescue Team) were wildly advertised for having the Pokemon actually speak. Alongside the fact that it's a Rougelike. This game is very much the Gateway Drug into Rougelikes if you can get past the difficulty. As for me, I'll stick to RPG's, Rhythm and Sonic games thank you. But this game is also well known for the Nightmare Fuel plots. The sequels more than this game but it's still here. I am transformed into a Pokemon and joined up with my partner into being a Rescue Team, saving other Pokemon from the dangers of these Mystery Dungeons. And expanding our base and getting wealth and affluence and befriending every Pokemon you can find.

And this is where we shall have a little Troper interactivity. You guys get to select which Pokemon I shall be! I'm placing two limits on this. 1) It will be a female and 2) I'm picking the partner. Rule of Thumb though is that I will pick a partner that the Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors falls in my favor. Here are the selections.





Psyduck (A non-selectable partner one)

Cubone (Non-selectable partner)

Eevee (Non-selectable partner)


Totodile (So I as a female can be the scary looking Totodile but not a Cyndaquil. Does not compute.)



Mudkip (BTW, personal favorite Pokemon of the bunch. Yes, I liek Mudkips)

Skitty (Non-selectable partner)

So here's the line up. Choose carefully!


Aug 10th 2012 at 2:08:11 PM
Charmander. Because burning all the things. Either that or Torchic.
Aug 10th 2012 at 2:19:13 PM
Guess I'm not the only one who lieks Mudkips. (You can consider this a vote.)
Aug 10th 2012 at 2:18:40 PM
Charmander or Torchic. Burn all the things.
Aug 10th 2012 at 2:37:58 PM
Charmander, for the reasons everyone else gave.