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Live Blog Arrowstorm's Weekend Webcomics
arrowstorm2012-08-17 03:54:52

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Over the past month or so, I have engaged in the Project Wonderful equivalent of a wiki walk. For those unfamiliar with Project Wonderful, it is an advertising service which is used by quite a lot of webcomics. At a guess, I think I may have gone through four or five archive binges and partially completed quite a few others. I also have a list of comics that I am (or were) up-to-date with that I read on a regular basis and thanks to the aforementioned magic of Project Wonderful, that list is growing exponentially, as is the number of tabs I seem to have open at any one time. My point? Iím reading a lot of webcomics. Why is this important? ĎCos Iíve decided to write up what I think of them here.

Make no mistake, this will not be a ďdetailed walkthrough of a workĒ; it will be a randomly sequenced collection of my thoughts and opinions on a variety of webcomics I have either read, or am currently reading. This means me ranting and raving over things I hate, gushing over things I love and generally trying to put to paper (figuratively, of course) the hundreds of random thoughts and ideas that come to me while I read these comics. I will try to stay on topic, really I will, but I'm under no illusions as to my ability to do that.

As to content, Iíll probably write overall statements about webcomics in general, gushing and/or ranting pieces on a specific page of a specific webcomic and everything in between. I have no plan for this after ďwrite what I thinkĒ. Iíd like to know what any of you think about this as well. Thatís half the point of doing this.

Now, Iím fairly certain that this is obvious to everyone out there, but Iíll say it to be clear: THIS LIVEBLOG WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. I normally bend over backwards to avoid writing spoilers, but not here. Here I will gleefully spoil every twist, turn and plot device in as much or as little detail as I feel like doing. I apologise if this is a problem, but if it is, then the simple solution is to not read it.

Now that thatís all out of the way, we can start the ball rolling. Enjoy.

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