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Live Blog Let's play: Boombot
joedude2012-07-10 15:23:46

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As played on This game is apparently mathematical. The concept is to blow this guy to a goal. This becomes increasingly difficult as you go on. STAGE 1 Easy. Just blow the Boombot over to the door. No gaps, nothing. Moving on. STAGE 2 Same as stage 1, but with a wall in your way. STAGE 3 Same as stage 1, but with a ton of explosives behind Boombot. STAGE 4 This time, a 2-step staircase. Child's play, but the first time I needed to use more than 1 bomb. STAGE 5 This time, there was a big wall in the way, and you're standing on TNT. It would be possible to get over without the TNT, buuut... STAGE 6 This time, a wall of crates is in between you and your goal. Just blow it away. STAGE 7 A flat surface with one hurdle of 4 crates and 1 gap. Simple. STAGE 8 A ramp, and a wall only breakable by bombs in your way. Again, simple, but more interesting things will come soon. STAGE 9 This is the first appearance of oil barrels. They catch fire, THEN explode. A downwards ramp leading you to the exit, there's no real challenge YET. STAGE 10 You're on a breakable floor and there's tons of oil cans hanging with you. I was incorrect about the breakable walls earlier:they're broken by ANY explosion. The exit is also surrounded by breakable walls, but probably just to show them off: it's almost guaranteed to go boom from the oil. That's it for this post, next ten levels next time.


Jul 11th 2012 at 10:49:53 PM
So...any reason in particular for Liveblogging this game? Do you find it entertaining, or have you simply chosen something you thought would be easy to tell others about? Either way, best of luck in the stages to come.

...Oh, one more thing. If the entire blog will consist of summaries as simple as this, you might not want to bunch them all together in a single paragraph. It makes things a teensy bit harder to read.