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Live Blog Let's Play Pony Fantasy 6 Blind
Cookoo2012-07-10 07:26:39

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Hello, and welcome to this liveblog! I will be playing though Pony Fantasy 6, a ROM hack of Final Fantasy 6, but with ponies. It's not just a simple Sprite swap though, it also includes changed dialogue, tweaked mechanics, tougher bosses, a altered storyline and a few secrets. It's almost like a whole new game! Not that I would know the difference though. You see, I have never played the original game, or any Final Fantasy game for that matter, except a small go on Final Fantasy 3. (Though I have played and completed RPG's before, like Dragon Quest IV or Blue Dragon, so I'm not entirely new to the genre) So basically, this is going to be me writing about wandering around aimlessly before getting killed by something I didn't prepare for. Something tells me I will be needing this alot...

Now, though I'll do my best to avoid this, this LP may be a bit hard to follow unless you have played the game yourself, even if you have played the standard version of it, Since I will have no idea what the differences between the versions are, nor will I know what is important to the plot, so I may not show important things for your understanding. This is also my first LP, so expect some incompetence in what I do. Oh well. I will try to make it understandable without you playing the game, but no promises that I will be able to do that. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy My LP.


So, starting out, We have an Introduction. According to it, 1000 years ago, A war of chaos shattered the world, and almost completely wiped out magic, and unicorns along with it. Something tells me that the original intro didn't involve unicorns. Just how big are the story changes I wonder? Of of the few things I know about the original game is that technology overtook magic because of this, I wonder if that stays the same in this one? I also can't help notice all the ponies are bipedal. I guess changing the sprites to be 4-legged would be difficult.

And we arrive on a cliff top, where we have Twilight, and two royal guards on a cliff top. In mech Suits! I guess Technology will be prevalent, though it looks like steampunk tech.

Wait, the two guards are Snips and Snails? OK, I presume they are older in this reality then?

The trio seem to be after an Esper, (from what I know of the Final Fantasy series, these are powerful creatures which have massive magical strength) which has been frozen for 1000 years in a nearby town.

Right, it turns out that Twi has killed 50 solders in 3 minutes, and is Snips and Snails secret Weapon. (why do I doubt I can pull that feat off in gameplay?) Wait, it seems like they are working for someone. Who?

"With that crown on her head, she's just our puppet to control". So Twi is mind controlled? All of the sudden, I don't think I'm playing the good guys here.

And we are off to the town. Why do I get the feeling that they will not take the esper peacefully?

And I'm in control. I guess I will check out the menus, let me just walk around a bit first and... "GUARD: Imperial scum! This will stop you!". Wait, I'm not ready yet! And what's this about imperials? Is that who I work for? A Nation?

My first fight! Rather than attack the ponies in mech suits, the Guard sets his dog on us. Can't say I blame him much. Now, what to do, what to do... *Scratch*. WAIT WHAT? I THOUGH THIS WAS TURN BASED! AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO POLITELY WAIT FOR ME TO HIT YOU BEFORE YOU FIGHT BACK? EVERYTHING I KNOW IS A LIE! PANIC! AESDKEFOVK!


OK, it turns out that the combat system is not turn based, but instead, everyone effectively has a cooldown timer between attacks, presumably based on your stats. This will probably make things harder... On the bright site, it seems the Mech suits I have are very powerful, coming with many attacks of their own with no MP cost attached to them, making the fight very easy. There is not a chance I will keep them, is there?

Ok, now that I have finished being rudely interrupted, I will test out the various menus. Right, looks simple enough. No items, And snips and snails have no skills. (They have absolutely zero chance of staying in my party, don't they). Twi however knows Cure, a healing spell, and Fire, a attack spell. Fire is very expensive right now though. It costs 10MP, while Twi only has 24MP's total! I presume I get more MP to spend when I level up. Also, for some reason, Twi's name is ?????? right now. I guess I'm not supposed to know it yet in the original version of the game.

After a few more battles, Involving Guards, dogs, and for some reason a woolly mammoth, which were made really easy by the mech suits being able to OHKO everything (Bio blast hitting every enemy at once FTW!), We make it to a mine. According to the Intel we have, the esper is in there.

The mine has Random battles now. Well, Shouldn't be difficult, I'll just Continue spamming Bio blast and... Oh, the rats heal from it. Ah well, I'll just use lasers instead then.

Boss fight? OK then! What is it? A Whelk? Couldn't they have something more threatening guarding something of incredible power?

Snips mentions that the Whelk stores Lightning in it's shell, so I shouldn't hit it. shouldn't be too hard. Wait, It hid in it's shell. OK, I'll just wait for it to pop back out then? WAIT SNIPS, STOP YOUR ATTACK! I KNOW I TOLD YOU TO ATTACK, BUT THAT WAS WHEN THE HEAD WASN'T IN THE SHELL. Great, because the head wasn't out, Snips decided he will change his attack to hit the shell instead of waiting, and now he's dead. Great job following your own advice there... Ah well, killed it anyway when it's head popped back out via missile spam.

And we found the esper. It's frozen solid. Wait, it's making us battle it? Oh wait, it's not actually a battle it seems. Twi is acting a bit funny, and walks closer to the esper, and it starts emitting light.

OH NOES! IT KILLED SNIPS AND SNAILS! WHO SAW THAT COMING? (oh wait, me. ^_^) It also Destroys Twi's mech suit. (Again, saw that coming). And then, we wake up in bed in a random house?

Ah, a Random Stallion found Twi knocked out, and put Twi in bed to rest. He also removed her mind control crown. Yay!

And of course, Twi has Amnesia. It wouldn't be a RPG without it.

OK, I get to pick Twi's name! Huh, it seems that the default option is only Twi, not Twilight. It looks like the mane field only holds 6 letters. Well, it will do. Why would I call her something else, after all?

Wait, She says her full name anyway? Oh, I get it, The modder changed the speech text so instead of reading what name you put, it just automatically calls her Twilight Sparkle. I guess I could have called her something else. It wouldn't have mattered. I guess this will apply to all party members.

Ah! guards are knocking on the door. I guess they are upset with me killing everything. Makes sense. I doubt 'I was Brainwashed' will cut it with them too. Luckily, he has a back door, so I should be able to sneak away.

Or not, The back door lead to a highly visible bridge over the main street. I got spotted straight away. *Facepalm* Running time!

The path lead to more mines. But these mines have loot in them! YAY! And random encounters. BOO! Ah well, they are still easy, even without my mech suit.

AH, The guards caught up, and surrounded Twi! They backed her into a corner, and... Wait, the floor collapsed and she fell through. Lucky? Hmm, I think this is a good time to take a break. I need to deal with a few things, and this makes a cliffhanger, of sorts. Thank god for Emulator savestates!

Anyway, thanks for reading. I should make more progress in later instalments of this liveblog, but until then, any non-spoilery hints and tips would be appreciated in the comments. I do have one request. I'm playing this on the Snes 9 X emulator, and I can't help but notice the battle music is slower than it should be. Any idea how to fix it?

Until next time. ^_^


Wait, what the hell happened to that Esper?


Jul 10th 2012 at 7:48:03 AM
The esper's still where you left it.
Jul 10th 2012 at 7:42:46 AM
I play this on ZSNES, don't have any speed issues.
Jul 10th 2012 at 11:39:41 AM
Changes so far: originally, only Terra/Twilight could use every Magitech command. The imperial soldiers were stuck with the basic beam and heal commands.

Quirks to watch out for: some dungeons that are visited more than once will have better treasure if you wait until future visits before collecting it. This includes the Narshe/Neighshe mines, and the next dungeon. There are very few things that can't be replaced later, though.

To balance that out, here's something the game would rather you not do: you can get some good equipment early if you can recognize a permanent character in a crowd. Doing so wasn't that helpful in the original FF 6, but could be better here.
Jul 11th 2012 at 1:11:55 AM
Seems like a decent LP so far. I've played a fair bit of the original game before, and I've seen a few clips of Pony Fantasy on Youtube, but I have yet to experience the whole game in some way or another. I hope that you have fun with this project, and that you'll never give up.

Also, here's an interesting piece of trivia. In the original Final Fantasy 6, the two guards that join you in the beginning are named Biggs and Wedge, named after Skywalker's wingmen from Star Wars Episode IV. Starting with this game, it was a running gag in Final Fantasy titles to have a duo of characters named Biggs and Wedge, and they usually survive the game despite their expendability.
Jul 11th 2012 at 12:32:03 PM
"you can get some good equipment early if you can recognize a permanent character in a crowd. Doing so wasn't that helpful in the original FF 6, but could be better here."

I always found the spear super helpful once you get Edgar. It's better than anything you'll get for quite a while.