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Live Blog Bring the popcorn and watch me fumble! It's the Persona 3 FES playthrough!
Phoenixor2012-06-02 11:47:41

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In which things are introduced

Oh, hello there! You seem to have stumbled into this blog, either by accident or chance. The name's Phoenixor, or Phoenix/Pho/Phoebe/whatever else you want to call me, and this blog will contain my fumbling, stumbling and misadventures through a little game called Persona 3. Now, before we begin, allow me to shamelessly rip off from Wik- I mean, explain the basic plot of this game!

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, originally released in Japan as simply Persona 3 (ペルソナ3 Perusona Surī?), is the third video game in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series of role-playing video games developed by Atlus, which is part of the larger Megami Tensei series of video games.In Persona 3, the player takes the role of a male high-school student who joins the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES), a group of students investigating the Dark Hour, a time period between one day and the next that few people are aware of. During the Dark Hour, the player enters Tartarus, a large tower containing Shadows, creatures that feed on the minds of humans. To fight the Shadows, each member of SEES is able to summon a Persona, a manifestation of a person's inner self. The game's most iconic feature is the method by which the members of SEES release their Personas: by firing a gun-like object called an Evoker at their head. In addition to the standard elements of role-playing games, Persona 3 includes elements of simulation games, as the game's protagonist progresses day by day through a school year, making friends and forming relationships that improve the strength of his Personas in battle. The North American release of Persona 3 includes the aforementioned art book, along with a selection of music from the official soundtrack. Wow, thanks Wikipedia!

Anyway, as this is my first Persona game, I have NO IDEA what I'm doing, so I'll be relying on you, yes you, to help me get through this game. Who should I romance? What social links should I pursue? Why do I keep dying to these mooks? You decide everything, including the name of this story's hero. Just not something silly like "Susan Bearstrangler" or something.

Actually, scratch that, Susan Bearstrangler is a totally legitimate name. But yeah, the fate of my gameplaying experience is in your hands, so don't screw up!

Now, as I don't actually have the game yet (it's on its way, don't worry!) you shall have plenty of time to heckle/encourage/suggest stuff to me in the comments. So, without further ado, let's get this trainwreck rolling! May God help us all.

PS: Yes, I will be doing the post-finale stuff, so don't worry there.


May 30th 2012 at 7:56:57 AM
I look forward to this. And because I'm totally unoriginal, I'm going to suggest Minato Arisato (That's in the order of given name/surname) for the protagonist's name. Minako if you for some reason want to give the guy a female name.
May 30th 2012 at 9:07:22 AM
Put insane emphasis on maxing your social stats (Courage, Charm, Academics) from the get-go. It will help you with everything.

Take note that during the name input you write down the surname first and the given name second. Just so that you don't accidentally name the MC Suzumiya Haruhi or something.
May 30th 2012 at 9:41:13 AM
You need max Charm, Courage and Academics to date Yukari, Fuuka and Misturu, respectivily, which should be maxed around September for Courage and Charm and November for Academics. Take a special note of your Academics as higher of that also works well for your test scores.

My vote's for Minato Arisato. It's classic.
May 30th 2012 at 10:31:03 AM
Might I suggest you romance Yukari if only because either her or Fuuka seems to fit the protagonist better.
May 30th 2012 at 10:01:29 AM
Minato Arisato, huh? Well, if nobody has any other names that are utterly outlandish and amusing enough to sway me, we'll be going with that. And charm, courage and academics shall be my main focus.
May 30th 2012 at 10:33:24 AM
Also name him Nao Shirogane if only because he looks like he could be related to Naoto.
May 30th 2012 at 10:44:04 AM
P 3 MC and Naoto being related is my headcanon. P 3 P doesn't have enough character spaces for "Shirogane", though. ;~;

Mitsuru's SL opens up rather late, but I think you should try and max her because Mitsuru is love.
May 30th 2012 at 1:31:32 PM
I'll put my vote behind Nao Shirogane, because I like it.
May 30th 2012 at 2:24:51 PM
I flipped a coin for the name and it came out tails, so Nao it is. Now I just need to wait for the game to arrive.
May 30th 2012 at 8:09:30 PM
Since Shirogane doesn't fit, can the last name be Bearstrangler- Oh wait that doesn't fit either, damn.
May 31st 2012 at 2:20:50 AM
Nao Shiroga, as an abbreviation.

Or Minato Arisato, since that does fit. (It should probably be noted that this is the protagonist's name in the Persona 3 manga.)
May 31st 2012 at 7:29:18 AM
May 31st 2012 at 9:08:49 AM
No bare hands but in here you can switch the weapon of the Protagonist. Knifes being the only one barred. Closest thing to bare hands in boxing gloves.
Jun 1st 2012 at 2:30:18 AM
^ Guns are also barred, despite the two other characters who use them (in admittedly considerably different forms).
Jun 2nd 2012 at 5:53:24 AM
...Can I change my vote to anything that's not Nao Bearoga?

The puns would be unbearable.
Jun 2nd 2012 at 7:44:46 AM
Yeah... I'm gonna have to vote again for Minato Arisato. Things are going to get really confusing for us who used that name, and it at least has some degree of officialness to it.
Jun 2nd 2012 at 9:29:29 AM
Bah, you kids are no fun. Minato it is. Just got the game as well, so expect the next part shortly!