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Live Blog Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones Draft Run the First!
Pulse2012-05-30 23:52:42

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A group of five Tropers (Barrylocke, montagohalcyon, Jonnas N, hnd 03, and myself) have drafted six each of the characters in the Strategy RPG Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones in snaking pick order (1234554321). The aim is to be the Troper who clears all 23 chapters of the game in as few turns as possible.

The characters in our drafts are the only ones we each can actively use with one freebie and a couple exceptions. Everyone gets to use the Lords, Eirka and Ephraim, as well as Orson in the one chapter he appears in. Seth, the resident not-quite Crutch Character, is completely banned from use. Colm and Rennac, the Thief and Rouge, respectively, can be used to unlock doors and chests. Vanessa the Pegasus Knight is allowed to save Ross the from certain death by overconfidence in Chapter 2.

Undrafted units have some functionality. They can rescue fellow undrafted units, recruit other units as needed, trade around items, use shops and armories, and dig up buried treasure in Chapter 15. However, they cannot fight back if attacked (meaning their inventories MUST be free of weapons they can use) and they themselves cannot actively attack anyone. They are not allowed to rescue drafted units. If these rules are broken, a 4 turn penalty per unit per chapter will be applied. That is, an undrafted unit adds a flat 4 turns if used at all in a chapter outside of the predefined uses.

The randomized world map Skirmishes, as well as the infinitely-accessible Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins are not to be made use of, save to promote a character from a Trainee Class (Journeymen, Recruit, Pupil) by reaching Level 10. Even then, no other Drafted units may be used.

Due to lack of availability in the individual chapters, Shops and Armories may be visited on the world map, though any Skirmishes that are encountered on the way must immediately be Retreated from.

After completing Chapter 8, the game splits into two paths that later reunite at Chapter 15. We will be using one file until the end of Chapter 8, then copy it at Chapter 8's end, using two files to complete the remaining chapters on both routes.

Having finished the laydown of the rules, I shall be using less formal language from here on! My picks for this challenge, as well as the universal characters, are-

  • Erika
  • Ephraim
  • Orson
  • Lute
  • Amelia
  • Innes
  • Gerik
  • L'Arachel
  • Knoll

A decent set. I'm most happy that both versions of Chapter 15 will have both a Lord and someone else available on the second front.

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