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Live Blogs Psyga's Bored: Let's Watch The Snowman!
Psyga3152012-05-03 11:19:44

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Part One: The Snowman is Made

Hey, everyone. Psyga here. Now, when I liveblogged Annabelleís Wish, I linked to the videos to the parts. As it turned out, the user who uploaded them, who went by the name of TomSamurai, had uploaded other Christmas specials, such as How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the old one, not the new one) and the one weíll be looking at: The Snowman. Whatís it about? I donít know! Why am I liveblogging it? Because Iím bored! Letís watch it! RIGHT NOW!

Part One of Three

So... we open with this dude... walking in the field... Do I have the right video? (checks title) Yeah! I do! Oh! Itís one of those shows. Where it starts off with live action footage, and then eases into the animation. You may have seen this with The Pagemaster or Rock A Doodle. Anyways, this guy tells us how he remembered this one winter because of how much it snowed. During this, he title dropped.

Huh, that is a new kind of art style I wasnít expecting. As opposed to the hand-drawn art style from How The Grinch Stole Christmas or Annabelleís Wish, we have this chalky, almost story book like style. Ironic considering the fact that this was based off a book. So... Iím going to guess that this kid who gets up is going to be our narrator all grown up. I mean, this happened with Billy too. What happens next is this kid hopping around and playing in the snow. That is until his mother tells him to stop after he threw a snowball at the house... Then he decides to build... THE SNOWMAN!

Wow, that was a little different than what I had expected. Instead of the traditional three balls stacked on top of another, dude makes a snow statue, then plopped the head on. Thatís... nice. Speaking of which, this is heavily reminding me of Frosty The Snowman. Only thereís no dialogue. So weíre going to assume a lot from the lack of words. This is becoming like the inverse of Annabelleís Wish it seems. This movie shows more than it tells, while Annabelleís Wish tells more than it shows. This is going to be very interesting. Oh, and Magic Sprinkle Dust makes the Snowman come to life. Just what the hell is the sprinkle dust? The embodiment of the holiday spirit? Oh, and you just gotta love the ď:OĒ face on that kid. Itís like the Thomas The Tank Engine :O faces.

So the kid and the snowman go and fool around in the house. Sure, bring in a giant being made of easy to melt and very cold material into your house. Snowman pets a cat and it freaks out (presumably due to the fact that itís freaking cold!), and itís not until he sits down and watches TV that the Snowman begins to melt. And thus, they decide to go out and cause more mischief in the house. Thereís not really a lot to poke at. Not like Annabelleís Wish. One question, though. How come the Snowman didnít cause anything to that light switch. I mean, heís still made of snow, which when melted becomes water, which when in contact with electrical stuff causes the thing to spark or what not. Maybe I should shut my brain off and enjoy the rest of this movie...

Which we will continue later. Adios.

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