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Live Blog "My Immortal", Chapters 32-44
KilgoreTrout2012-03-20 13:10:43

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As you may know, back in 2009 a troper by the name of Wicked223 decided to play the My Immortal drinking game and blog about it here. He didn't use alcohol because he was not trying to die. Eventually it became a bit of a collaborative effort, with Wicked223 covering most of the chapters but with others also stepping in now and then.

It only got to Chapter 31, however. Having discovered this fic (which somebody aptly described as "So Horrible, It's Awesome") recently and enjoying Wicked's thread, I want to pick up where it left off and review the remaining chapters. That's not to say that nobody else can take a chapter, of course.

Right now I'm just gettting caught up on both the fic and the old thread. I have several chapters to go, but they are (mercifully) short, and once I reach 32 I'll write some more in here...


Mar 29th 2012 at 11:13:39 PM
That's one story completely unlike My Immortal, and it's got the real Kilgore Trout in it! (I am merely an impostor.) While I'd recommend most of Kurt Vonnegut's work, the book of his I like the most is Cats Cradle. I liked it so much I even created the page for it here!