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Live Blog The Idiot General (or 'Why I am bad at RTS games')
arrowstorm2012-02-21 04:41:58

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Feel free to skip ahead to 'Battle 1a - Flaw Exploitation' for actual content. This is simply a general explanation and disclaimer.

As a prelude to this series of After Action Reports, I would like to clarify a few points. First, these reports are written in retrospect. Some occurred mere months ago, but for others more than five long years have passed. Second, I was a player in all of these matches and thanks to the glory of Fog of War some of my accounts will be a tad one sided out of necessity. Thirdly, since I do not (unfortunately) have an eidetic memory, my stories will not be the most accurate of tales, but they are as close to the true events as my memory allows.

Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to briefly mention my skill as a RTS gamer. Or lack thereof. Jokes aside, I'm not that great. Sure, I understand the tactics and strategy involved; I could describe them in great detail if necessary. However, when it comes to actually implementing said tactics and strategy I usually fall flat. My friend (the antagonist for this series) is much better than me, but since he is my friend and has been for some time I have a handle on the way he thinks and plays in these games. Neither of us are tactical geniuses but that's okay since we're only facing each other.

Now sit back and relax as I regal you with tales of daring advances, stunning ambushes and other feats of tactical brilliance. Some are even mine.


Feb 23rd 2012 at 6:51:34 AM
Comfort yourself with the fact that you're not as bad as the guy who killed his own team mate.