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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: VS. The Boskeyverse
Psyga3152013-04-30 20:42:00

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Prologue: VS. Kacie Boskey

Hello, everyone. Psyga315 here. There are some household names in the realm of fan fiction, not for those who make good fan fiction, but for those who make bad ones. Peter Chimaera, David Gonterman, Hans Von Hozel, Christian Weston Chandler, etc.. These people, as well as many others, have made either laughably bad stories, or stories that make you want to throw your computer out the window in disgust. Sometimes both. Today weíll look at one who isnít that well known, and for good reason: Kacie Boskey.

Havenít heard of her? Well, like I stated, I canít blame you. Kacie Boskey didnít upload her stories onto or make herself infamous like the others. The source of where I have these fan fictions is actually an archive of fanfics centered on one series. Rugrats. Ah yes. Remember that show with the talking babies? Yes. This fan site, aptly titled ďRugrats OnlineĒ has stories for these little tykes, and Kacie provided most of the crossovers. Hence why the When Worlds Collide tag.

To the siteís credit, it does seem like a good archive paved with good intentions. Thereís even a rejected script for an actual episode of the Rugrats there. Itís just that Sturgeon's Law is in effect here. See, much of Kacieís works are... how do I put this? Batshit crazy? Yeah. That seems to be a good description. Her works are also Mega Crossovers, combining with many different fan fics. However, will they be Crazy Awesome or Horrific? We will have to see, now shall we? First, however, I want to read out some ground rules that the webmaster had put down. Why? You will find out in time... There are only four rules exclusive to fan fiction, so we will focus on those.

1. Send all stories in regular text format only.

Okay, I canít argue with that. This was back when text formats were the only acceptable formats. What else?

2. No plagiarism; in other words, all stories must be original and not used before in the series, the movie, the magazine or the comic strip.

Wait, what about from stuff that wasnít from the show? You know, like other films or shows?

3. I have the right to check and correct spelling, grammar and puncuation [sic] before posting your story, as well as editing or changing anything that might seem inappropriate.

I see both one grammar and one spelling problem. There should probably be a comma after grammar and punctuation is spelt wrong. However, to err is human, that and I donít really do spelling and grammar jokes, so I will pick on this less. And then thereís this one...

4. Due to the volume of such stories I'm receiving lately, I also have a right to either edit or refuse any story that shows a Rugrats character, or a character developed for the story, either dying, in grave danger, or having a past that changed their lives (such as a dead parent). Remember — this is Rugrats, not an "ABC Afterschool Special".

This is a pretty heavy rule. However, it doesnít exactly translate to ďNo Dark FicsĒ, per se, but it still sets up the basis of what isnít exactly acceptable. However, I doubt characters with actual dead parents (i.e. Chuckie) or adventurous fanfics (something like the first movie) are gonna be on the chopping block for these rules.

So those are the rules the Webmaster set up, and as stated before, youíll know why theyíre put up there.

Well, that wraps it up for this prologue post. Tune in next time where we begin ripping into the first of many fanfics.

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