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Live Blog This reminds me of a puzzle!
totoro2012-01-21 15:23:09

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Puzzle #1 Welcome to St. Mystere

Anyways for all of you who don't know and are too lazy to check the trope's page, Professor Layton is a puzzle game that I'm quite a fan of. So one day (yesterday) I decided, hey! Let's live blog me trying to beat all the games in the series again. Anyways here's some things you should know.

  • I will resort of the guide if needed. I'm not a puzzle genius. The ones near the end are particularly annoying. I'm looking at you, Princess in a box.
  • I will try to post a link to the soundtrack but if I can't find it I'm sorry.
  • I will use only one youtube video for all of the cutscenes. View future ones at your own risk.

Anyways let's get started!

The Opening Song


All the cutscenes


The game starts off with asking you for your name. I put in Totoro. After that it changes to a letter from Luke, the assistant of the professor, telling us about how the secrets of St. Mystere and what happened when they visited was only for them to know and that they could never share it.

Cutscene #1

Done watching? Anyways, it appears that the professor has received a letter from Lady Dahlia to solve a inheritance dispute and Luke asks why. Well first cause Layton is a TRUE gentleman and gentleman's never refuse the request of a beautiful lady. Layton then responds saying that this isn't an ordinary request and that if it was he wouldn't have taken it. No, this request has piqued his interest. So anyways here are the overviews of the case;

  • Two months ago an old guy named Baron Augustus Reinhold passed away.
  • Shortly afterwords, the will was disclosed and apparently the contents were fascinating.
  • The will; The Reinhold family treasure, the Golden Apple, is hidden somewhere within this village. To whomever successfully locates this treasure, I offer the whole of my estate."
  • Of course cause humans are all greedy, those who attended the reading set off to search for the Golden Apple. But of course no one found it. Turns out that no one had even heard of such a treasure existing till its mentioned in the will.

Anyways, so basically this guy gambles his entire fortune for one last puzzle. Really? Of course Layton wishes he could've met him while he was still alive. Luke comments on how they probably would've gotten along. Luke wonders what the Golden Apple is. No one knows. WMG includes rare antique or maybe a gem but no one really knows. Layton's gut feeling/intuition though says that this mystery is part of a larger one. Mysteryception? But first a puzzle. How to get to the town. It appears that someone doesn't believe that PROFESSOR LAYTON is good enough.

Where's the town?:[3]

Worth:10 Picarats

Earned:10 Picarats


And the music [4]

And with that, we can go to the village. And then we find out that Layton already knew the answer. Well considering how easy it was, it could be solved at a glance. And with that we've arrived.

[5] Special Screen moment!

And so the game begins

PS Yes I do realize that we've technically haven't reached St. Mystere. Shut up.


Jan 21st 2012 at 11:44:51 PM
An excellent series, if I do say so myself. I'll be crossing my fingers, hoping that you don't lose interest midway through, and that you enjoy yourself.

One thing always bothered me about the opening of this game, though. If Luke's letter states that there are secrets about St. Mystere that aren't supposed to be shared, is the rest of the game one huge slip of the tongue?
Feb 8th 2012 at 2:35:11 PM
I don't think they know about us. At any rate, we're not going to tell anyone in their world, right?