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Live Blog Let's Go, Soul Resonance!: A liveblogging of the Soul Eater anime
MrMallard2012-01-10 12:09:19

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Hey, i'm a semi-regular on the forum and this is my first liveblog. I first watched Soul Eater around September of last year, and I slaved my buttocks off to watch the whole series. It was a breath of fresh air for me; the only other anime I had seen beforehand were a couple Ghibli flicks and Neon Genesis Evangelion (Which I still maintain is awesome).

I'm aware that the anime is usually held in distain after the Gecko Ending and a few problems with Chrona's gender. However, I still believe that it isn't as bad as people think. For one, the ending they tacked on is AWESOME. Second, the dub is just great; there's a fair few anime with awful, mismatched dubs, but Funimation did a good job with this one. Sure, some of the better lines from the original voicetrack are gone ("Pwease! Pwease!" and "Gaoooooow!" spring to mind) but IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE. .Hack//Liminality, for example (Hell, i'm actually watching the dub for this liveblog!). Third... Come on, people, it's Studio Bones here!

So... now that's out of the way, I guess it's time to tell you about the future contents of this LB. Really, it won't be much. Just me describing each episode with a couple comments and tropes and the like. It'll be alright; not exactly the best thing ever, but it'll be half-decent.

Stay tuned for ep 1; it's coming soon.

OH, and as for a schedule... there isn't one. I'll try for every second weekend, but I cannot guarentee a thing. I have other things to do (I am currently in a love affair with Skype) and sometimes I just might be too tired to do a LB. Hell, the first real installment took 4 hours and nearly killed me. So i'll be trying for every second weekend, but it MAY NOT HAPPEN. Thanks for reading.

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