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Live Blog Let's watch The Haunting hour
RobbieRotten2012-01-03 11:01:42

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Yes, i will finish this one

Welcome to another robbie liveblog

i know i am awful at holding up live blogs, but i promise i will finish this one...i hope.

You might remember my very early liveblog of the goosebumps tv show.

well, since then rl stine aired a new show called the haunting hour. and it's actually quite good. it's not campy or stupid, but instead smart, and entertaining.

this will not be blind at all, as i've seen this episodes before, but i will sometimes pretend i've never seen them for the sake of a joke.

I will point the good and bad of this series, and provide info you may not know.

So with that, join me next time for the series premiere, Really You


Apr 23rd 2012 at 8:39:39 AM
so yes, this will happen. only a bit differently. instead of a big play by play thing, i just go through each episode and sum up my feelings on it. i may anayzle stuff, i may not. it depends on the episode.

Oct 15th 2012 at 6:22:55 AM
okay, with the new season it only amkes that i do this soon. so..expect it soon