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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: And Now For Someone Completly Different
Psyga3152012-03-09 18:08:22

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Part Four: Once Upon A December

So to recap, Leo mentions something that will bite everyone in the ass later on, the fairies use magic to make the cake and dress, and Diablo sees all this. Onwards to part four!

Part 4 of 6

So Aurora comes home to the WONDERFUL cake where the fairies and three leaders greet her. Aurora then tells them that she met this wonderful stranger. Naturally, the fairies realize that this is bad news and decide to tell her the truth. Which pretty much ends badly, as she runs off crying. Johnny tries to comfort her, but Leo stops him, mostly because its to give the girl some time alone, but I still think hes being Genre Savvy about it. That and it would be difficult to explain the entire context to a weeping woman. Oh, and Diablo was watching the whole thing, but I doubt anyone noticed him in the time he took to eavesdropped, and if they did, hed just fly off.

And now we go to one of the best scenes in Sleeping Beauty: Skumps. I mean, you have these two Large Hams having an argument, the lute player sneaking in some wine until hes drunk as fuck, and King Hubert fighting with a fish. Sadly, because no characters are with them, I cant really cover it. So its a laaaaaaarge skip. Oh, just a quick note. Phillip appears and only mentions that he met the princess, and says nothing about the four members of the Fantasy Adventure team. Although I can just assume that hes too focused on Aurora at the moment.

We rejoin the Fantasy Adventure Team, and already they want to tempt fate. First its Johnny saying I got a bad feeling about this! (Game Saved), and that it isnt Xiros cooking. Wait... What? I think hes implying that they had some of Xiros cooking recently... which means that Xiro can cook. Well... Pretty badly, so I cant exactly cry foul. Then Benny points out that they should have waited until tomorrow (Which is partially true, but then Maleficent would have invaded the cottage) and then Teresa hammers it in with What can possibly go wrong? Seriously, if these guys actually did film making, they would know that uttering those words will always result in things going bad! I will admit that there was a good line. Dagnino said that Flora was the one who said that they shouldnt take chances, which again, is true. A little hypocritical, isnt it, Flora?

So they take her to the tower where Aurora cries some more. The guys leave her and Leo has a stroooooooong memory it seems, as he wants to do research on the Tapestry that he saw sixteen years ago. I would assume the reason why he didn't do research in the first place was because there was no library.

So they go to the library and read that according to a vision from King Tobin, there will be nine heroes that will arrive in the sixteenth century and fight off some evil. Those nine seem to be the Fantasy Adventure Team. Suddenly, a familiar tune plays in my head with that recent reveal. A disappointing thing is that theres no info on this King Tobin. And so far, the BLJ series has taken advantage of the Wikia more than others. Whereas the others usually copy and paste the plot of a movie onto the info page then stick a list of who appears, the BLJ series actually puts key points that happen within the story in its trivia section. Its odd to leave Tobin out as he sounds important. And he seems to be an OC too, as when I tried to Google him, I got a list of lawyers. Who knows, maybe he will be featured in a future episode.

Hey, wait a second. We have no one to guard Aurora... You know what that means! Yep! Maleficent lures her to the wheel, pricks her finger, and falls in a coma!

Johnny: Oh My God! Shes... Shes... {faints}

... Okay, that was funny. Even though he kind of knows that shes just in a coma.

Flora: Were all to blame...

Weve gone too far... from pride to shame... Were trying so hard.... Were dying in vain... Were hopelessly blissful and blind... Thats all we are... We want it all... WITH NO SACRIFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!

Seriously, Im ending this part on the Sum 41 song. Awesome! Tune in next time!


Aug 16th 2015 at 11:30:51 AM
Holy Cow, did you not realize what you passed over here? "King Tobin" is really nothing more than a pun/reference to Ghostbusters, more specifically Tobin's Spirit Guide, the book that Egon mentions about during his exposition on Ivo Shandor. Most likely this reference was put in due to Benny and Leo's love for Ghostbusters.

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