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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: And Now For Someone Completly Different
Psyga3152012-03-09 18:07:29

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Part Two: Once Upon A Child

When we last left off the show, Maleficent curses the baby with The Lamia a spinning-wheel-sleeping-death curse thingy, though it was Merryweather that retconned said curse and added the “sleeping” thing. And our heroes? They just time traveled and got themselves in snazzy clothes. That’s it. On to part two!

Part Two of Six

So King Stefan switches to the Heat Memory and burns every single spinning wheel there is. I wish, nah, he just decrees that all the wheels be burned. The fairies start talking about what they should do and the heroes, assuming that they eaves dropped, decide to barge in and say that they’re ready to help. And we have an official name for the El Arca characters... The El Arca Big Six... Okay... Anyways, they mentioned how they took on Maleficent before and ask if there is something they can do. In fact, there is.

I forgot to mention this, but there’s background music when our heroes talk. Usually there’s sudden music stops and awkward silence when characters not in the movie talk in other Pooh’s Adventures. It’s good that these guys noticed that and fixed it. Also, our nine heroes are called The Fantasy Adventure Team, which after much annoying use of “Pooh and Friends” and variations thereof, it’s a breath of fresh air to actually use an official team name for them, though in most cases, I’ll use our heroes.

Moving on, they go into a small lantern via a shrinking spell and they discuss about turning Aurora into a flower. Now during this discussion, the three titular characters do steal some lines, but they do voice them as opposed to the awkward silence. However, this draws some problems. One, how do they know that Maleficent has a “frost” spell? And also...

Leo: And you know what happens when frost and flowers meet.

Thanks, Einstein. I think I already came to that conclusion. Also, there is some more Captain Obvious at play here as well (“Because flowers have leaves instead of fingers! Genius!”). So they talk some more about what they should do and then Panthy’s voice echoes for some reason. By this logic, she’s the most powerful member of the group. So anyways, the fairies decide to have twelve people raise Aurora. Isn’t that a bit much? That’s enough for a small town, no? If I recall, the cottage wasn’t that big enough for a handful of people. Then again, this is part of a long running genre where groups of people seem to squeeze in small spaces multiple times. Hell, look at my Pooh’s Adventures of Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders Liveblog. Anyways, Flora takes a page from Discord’s book and applies the "no flying and no magic" rule to the other fairies. When they leave the small meeting place, Leo notices a tapestry of them holding swords. Remember this for later.

So they leave to take care of Princess Aurora for sixteen looooooong years. And they haven’t aged a day. No. Really. They even have a handwave for this too. On the Wikia, there is something called The Spell of Cartoon, which is pretty much “unless the story or the writers wanted to, people can’t die or age.” This is a pretty weak handwave. I probably would have gone with some time travel excuse, but that might have been raising further problems what with the fact that they could easily just travel back a day (The time machine has a 24 hour recharge) and clock Maleficent in the face. Although considering how they had to find out where they are, I assume it’s unstable. So anyways, we resume to them talking about the dresses. Leo steals the credit of the dress they decide to make. Then Aurora comes downstairs and they send her out to collect berries. And so the Fairies begin their failures to make cakes or dresses.


No. I already did the guest stars for my previous Pooh’s Adventures liveblog. You’re only going to drag the liveblog.

Kougami: AW... COME ON!

No. Now go.

{Kougami walks away}

Moving on. The Fantasy Adventure Team don’t really assist in making clothes or baking cakes. They just stand there and look. Okay, maybe they don’t know how to do those things, given how they’re animals, but they might have enough knowledge on cakes to tell them that 3 cups does not mean three random cups, or to crack the eggs before putting them in the mixture.


Why are you still here? You know what? Screw it. I’m ending the part here. I have to talk things out with Cakeboss over here. Tootles.

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