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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: And Now For Someone Completly Different
Psyga3152012-03-09 18:06:52

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Part One: Once Upon A Time

Hello everyone, Psyga315 here. Now, I’ve said that I’d retire from making Pooh’s Adventures Liveblogs (my reviews on Reviewtopia notwithstanding) in order to preserve the way I see it, but I decided to break out of retirement for this occasion. For those not in the know, I released my very first one about a year ago. So this is a Milestone Celebration. As if it wasn't a milestone enough, this is the fifth Pooh's Adventures I've liveblogged. This also coincides with the release of another crossover Toei made: Movie Wars Megamax, the last crossover movie made by them of the year. And seeing as I have the habit of releasing Pooh's Adventures liveblogs sometime around the release of these crossover movies in the past year, I decided to celebrate. So, what's the set up here? I was watching a review of Pooh’s Adventures and while the reviewer didn’t mind the Pooh’s Adventures series as a whole, the comments on said video are the same, with only one or two people saying it’s crap. One person talked about how one spinoff took original to whole new levels. What is it? Well, let’s find out!

Part One Of Six? Wait, that short? Okay then...

So we start off with the logo and it looks like a good attempt at the Disney logo of yesteryear. Some dude (Rafiki?) goes “IT! IS! TIME!” and then some music begins. The clips then show some anthropomorphic animals dancing to a remix of “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”. It doesn’t get interesting until the last bit where some dude starts shooting with a zapper, some dude flying with a Keyblade, two dudes dressed as The Ghostbusters using their proton packs, and finally a ship flying. What is this? This is completely different from Pooh’s Adventures. Well, my friends, welcome to Benny, Leo, and Johnny’s Adventures!

So, what are our trio going to tackle today? Oh, Sleeping Beauty? Okay then. Oh, the creator actually took the time to use text that matched the style of the other text and even matched it with the colors. That’s... interesting. It’s hell of a lot better than use a news ticker graphic to hide the “A spooky adventure” subtitle, or adding “And {insert person here}” as subtitles. So we’re introduced to the titular trio and their assistants. Ironically, save for the three original characters, the assistants are all from one movie as opposed to different shows. El Arca seems to be the one. It’s Noah’s Ark from the Animal’s point of view. I always liked the Mythological Animals’ point of view better. We open to the book opening up and we get exposition. We then...

Leo: Guys, don’t worry! I know exactly where we are!

... Voice acting... in my Pooh’s Adventure Spinoff? YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! Phew. Okay, for those who don’t understand my excitement, let me point something out. In most Pooh’s Adventures, you’d have to settle for subtitled dialogue, lines from the show itself when it falls in line with the script, or lines from other shows, though it probably wouldn’t mix very well. This voiced line actually made me do a double take. Now, mind you, the El Arca characters don’t have voiced lines and stick to subtitles (later ones do however) but this is at least a step up. Anyways, Xiro asks Leo when they are, since they are time travelers. Wait, an actual reason as to why they are in the setting? Awesome! So anyways, if it wasn’t obvious enough, they’re in the 14th century where the story begins with the parade.

Benny: Isn’t that in medieval times?

Gee, look at the bloody scenery, what with the horses and the swords and the shields. Nah, you’re obviously in the middle of World War Two. So Panthy concludes that the parade must be a holiday and they all decide to check it out. Why? Because it’s pretty? They don’t really exposited that they have any purpose of coming here, so I assume they’re just sightseeing.

So they enter the castle where they see King Stefan and the Queen. Also, King Stefan sported the Luna Joker color scheme long before Kamen Rider Double it seemed.

Johnny: Wow, I like what they done with the place!

“They’re simply FAB~U~LAAAAAS!” Anyways, Leo snaps his fingers and soon the heroes are dressed in clothes. Mostly because they don’t want to stick out like sore thumbs. While this is a decent fix to a common plot hole found in Pooh’s Adventures, the fact that it only changed their clothes opens a smaller plot hole. It’s the fact that they’re still talking humanoid animals. I don’t think that will naturally fly with all those people. It’s like putting an elephant in a living room and then dressing it in clothes to make it blend in. It won’t work. Bah, I’m pretty sure that in the Sleeping Beauty setting, there’s a land where talking anthropomorphic animals come from. The land of the Lionmen. That or Werecats existed in Medieval times. There’s a very brief scene where you get to see all their dresses, and it’s like a “pause or miss” kind of brief. And I think it’s an error, as there’s a still shot of the trumpeters while Benny compliments on Leo’s cloth granting power. Moving on, the fairies arrive and grant some blessings, and then Maleficent comes over. Everyone’s going “Oh, Crap!! How did she escape the containment?!” And Benny explains that this is her past self, and thus, isn’t a ghost yet. Wait, didn’t SALF-Tachi bring her back to life? Well, not in this continuity. It seems that in Alex's Adventures With The Real Ghostbusters: The Halloween Door, she was with a slew of villains that were ghosts who were soon sealed in the containment chamber. That... seems plausible. At least it makes a bit more sense than “We wished for this villain to come back to life then wished for stupid pointless stuff”. I’m looking at you, SALF-Tachi. Although I don’t think Maleficent will remember you guys all that much as you simply sealed her in the containment chamber along with all the others and didn’t really confront her. Okay, maybe they confronted before at some other time, but whose to say?

So Maleficent tells the Queen that she will bestow a gift onto them and Leo says that he has a bad feeling about this. Better save the game here then. Maleficent pulls the Disproportionate Retribution curse that Gypsies have been mastering for years and up and leaves. Leo starts freaking out, Xiro tries to calm him down, Dagnino tells them that this is no time for internal conflicts that end badly. Uh... wait, what? What do internal conflicts have to do with Maleficent placing a curse on a baby? And then we see Leo’s outfit... Pfffffft hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh dear God, while everyone else is dressed in medieval clothes, Leo’s outfit came straight out of Agrabah. Unless Arabia and European Medieval Setting were good partners, this could give the partygoers a head scratching. So Xiro asks Kairel what he should do and she tells him to show them he’s king and be positive. So he’s The Hero? Well, he is in El Arca, but in here, that role would mostly fall in Johnny’s hands while Xiro would mostly be The Lancer. Huh...

Can you guess what happens next? Is it A, Xiro decides to man up and tell everyone a Rousing Speech? Or will it be B, Xiro does nothing and lets the plot continue? If you guessed B, you are really good at guessing what happens next in a Pooh’s Adventures. Well, that wraps it up for part one. Tune in for part two.


Jun 10th 2012 at 11:58:47 AM
Terrible news, Psyga! I found out that Bowsermovies1989 is planning to make Pooh's Adventures Armada: Search for the Chaos Emeralds. Not bad so far, but then I found out that he didn't even read Bowser's backstory on the Super Mario wiki...and put Dark Specter from Power Rangers and Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon as his parents! And let me remind you, Bowser is supposed to be the brother of Maligore and Lord Dragaunus. And, Bowser is supposed to be the Koopa King. Tell me what you think about all this, please.
Jun 13th 2012 at 5:43:40 AM
At this point, anything goes when it comes to relationships. Dark Specter, I could probably understand, Beryl not so much. Though it makes the relationship with Mistress 9 a little more lulzy. As for Maligore and Dragaunus, I sort of knew about those. Dragaunus might (and that's a pretty big might) fit with Bowser, especially since he isn't some sort of lava demon.

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