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Live Blog Notes from SolForce: A Sword Of the Stars AAR
Arilou2011-12-03 19:37:20

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Chapter The Zeroth: Introductions

As noted by the title, this is an AAR not a Liveblog, I've played the game, and while I'm going to be giving some informations (OOC information will be in bold) I'm mostly going to be presenting a narrative. I'm not what you might call a good player, and I hate the humans in this game anyway (stupid, stupid node rings!) but let's see how that goes.

I was thinking of posting screenshots occasionally, but we'll see how that goes. If this was the Paradox forums or something I'd do it.

What the heck is Sword of the Stars?

It's a 4X strategy game by Kerberus Entertainment. There's a sequel out but it's not really in playable shape atm. So I'll be playing the first game, version 1.8.

So what's cool about it?

The lore (which is silly but fun) the ship designs (tons and tons of ship designs) and all the races being relatively different.

So what game settings?

I thought, "What about making this a huge, all-but unplayable game so we can demonstrate all the glorious, glorious chaos?"

So, I'm playing on a "Real Space", map, with 350 (!) Stars, One starting planet allowed, and I've cut economy and tech advancement by 50%. (The reason is that I feel tech advances a bit too quickly at default, you barely have time to use the basic weapons and armour)

I'll be playing as the humans, with a heftily increase starting treasury (mainly to cut down on the initial slogging) my enemies will get a similar start, except the Tarkas: Since they're a decadent empire they'll get three starting systems and no starting money. Let's see how the AI handles that.

I'll have one opponent of each race except humans (I'll be the only human) hivers and Morrigi (two each)

For the games article, see Sword Of The Stars.

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