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Live Blog Of Bones and Mon
thefran2011-11-08 22:38:46

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In which the Fran makes their appearance


Hey, you guys. Hey.

I heard you like zombies and pokeymen, so some guy called Cutlerine put zombies in your pokeymen so you can be scares while you're a master. Or something. That's assuming you can be scared of zombies of course. They are slow, stupid, and lack knowledge of conventional warfare. Now then when there are creatures who are capable of snapping you in half with telekinetic force as it is, and they are all dead now and driven by maddening hunger, that's getting kinda disturbing. But I'm getting sort of sidetracked. I tend to do that a lot.

So anyway, I know nothing about this hack, except for the fact that it features a couple IV an V gen mon (This is a III hack), zombies and something something apocalypse, something something coherent plot. Whatever. Seeing as there's a lot of death around, I'll be doing blind nuzlocke of this. Like a boss. Too bad I'm late for Hallowe'en, that would have been so perfect.

Default rules: permadeath, first catch per route, no duplicates, shiny clause, obligatory nicknaming.

Aaaand here goes nothing!

*cough* itszombieapocalypseokay *cough*

Fun fact: the first thing I find out is that I have amnesia, folks! How dramatically convenient. Also this Bulbasaur looks kinda AAUGHR HIS EYES HAVE ROTTED OUT AND HIS SKULL IS EXPOSED but hey the face that he has green muscles is a nice touch.

The next thing that surprises me is that my character remembers that mon, in fact, do not die. They are not supposed to. You know those carnivore mon, right? They just devour things and let them digest forever.

Also they breed but don't die, meaning they will overrun the whole planet eventually. The only thing that distracts them from breeding is fighting. Breed, fight, devour - that's all those creatures can do. I think you now understand why such thing as a trainer even exists.

Ain't it marvelous, folks? I apparently forgot my own gender. I guess this selection is not as much answering the question as it is checking. And not with, like, a mirror. And I suspect all the so called pokemon professors preferred this, as they called it, "scientific approach". Fun fact #2: there is no such thing as a pokemon professor.

True story

Bla bla bla I'm from littleroot, blablable my name is Fran which I conveniently remembered somehow, so anyways:

I can't quite show it on the screenshots, but my arrival in Littleroot had that specific truck animation. Except there is no truck. Fun fact #3: Cutlerine can't script.

As you can see from the fact that I still have the default sprite, fun fact #4 is that Cutlerine can't sprite either.

It looks like we're in for some fun ride.


Nov 9th 2011 at 6:23:58 AM
The boy sprite is actually different from Brendan's, usually.

I'd like to think that the truck animation represents your character being disoriented as they slowly regain consciousness, but yeah, they just didn't take it out.

Some notes about the zombie pokemon: as you probably could have guessed, you won't be seeing them in the wild for a long time. Most zombie pokemon are in the hands of zombie Trainers.
Nov 11th 2011 at 2:27:37 PM
Hmm... doing a Nuzlocke challenge during a Zombie Apocalypse. This ought to be interesting
Nov 11th 2011 at 7:59:03 PM
Lasered by lasers before you even get control of your character, huh? Sounds a bit odd given the setting, but I'm merely a reader of a liveblog, and thus I will not contemplate these facts too much. Best of luck with the Nuzlocke, by the way.