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Live Blog Let's die in Dark Souls
Bluespade2011-10-04 15:26:44

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So here we are, Dark Souls, the game my brother hasn't shut up about for the past half year or so. I'm cautiously optimistic about it, as many of the issues of Demon's Souls seem to have been addressed. For the record, I pretty much despised Demon's Souls, for the boring environments and awful controls. But hey, since my brother already bought Dark Souls, I figured I'd better give it a chance to win me over.

[Press Start Button]

[Adjust Brightness] If there is one thing Demon's Souls taught me, it's to never leave the brightness meter anywhere below maximum.

Time to create my 'character' by which I mean, the voiceless meat puppet I'll be controlling for the rest of this game. We'll start with the name: Signless. I wanted to be signlessSufferer, but it woudln't fit. I figure this game is all about suffering so it's rather appropriate, and a reference to one of my favorite things.

For Class I think I'll be a Pyromancer, cause I like fire and axes. He also doesn't quite look as terrible as the other classes from behind, which is really all that matters in this sort of game. I am rather perplexed that they specifically included a body type called Tiny Head. It does what you'd expect. All of these faces scare me. Guess I'll need to get a helmet. Hair: all the hair either looks like surfer hair or caveman hair. Oh well, I'll be wearing a hood to start anyway. Ponytail, red.

[game start]

In the age of ancients... blah, blah. Why are these things always narratated by old ladies. Oh great, they broguht back the fog, I so enjoyed that in Demon's Souls.

Storyline as far as I can tell: Something about dragons, army of zombies, and lots and lots of dead people. A bunch of ancient awesome heroes killed the dragons. What did those dragons ever do to them? Wow, Nita is kind of badass. I wouldn't want to mess with him (guess who's probably a boss later).

So, dragons died, and for some reason, this began the Age of Fire. I'd have thought it would be the other way around. And now, in the depths of fantasyland, there is only grimdarkness.

So apparently undead are all brought to a big prison to await the end of the world. I would think that would be very expensive. Well at least they don't eat much.

Oh, a new roommate! Wait... he's not undead, he's just dead. Maybe this is dinner??

Oh, I can move around now.

Next time, we break out of prison.